Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Akash Dadlani says anyone but Shilpa Shinde should win the show

Seema Sinha

Jan 12, 2018 09:47:46 IST

"Yeh Bigg Boss ka ghar hai.’ These words will no longer echo the corridors of the Bigg Boss 11 House as rapper Akash Dadlani’s journey comes to an end. In a surprise midweek midnight eviction, as the show cruises towards the grand finale, Akash walked out of the house on Wednesday, leaving just four contestants to battle it out for the title of ‘Winner of Bigg Boss 11.’

Akash Dadlani on Bigg Boss 11

Akash Dadlani on Bigg Boss 11

Dadlani got noticed right from day one since the show began. He was seen rapping, running around the house, cracking jokes and picking fights with almost everyone inside the house. Many a times, Akash was pulled up by the show host, Salman Khan, for his bad behaviour and latter hoped that his antics was only for the show and he did not behave the same way in the outside world. He would get so difficult and unmanageable at times that the inmates would want him to leave the house, and just four days before the finale (this Sunday), Akash was shown the door in a surprise midweek eviction.

However, Akash does not stop praising himself. “I feel like a star. I have been the biggest entertainer in the house. My song 'Bang Bang' had trended. I’m an individual player and not a double player like others. I was funny, my style, my clothes, everything has become a trend. I was the seven most trending person on Twitter. I have done all this for the show. But in real life, I am totally different from what I was inside the Bigg Boss house. I am a psychology student so I knew how to generate reaction and stay in spotlight. Any news is good news. I thought I would stay for just one month but I think the chain given by my grandmother brought a  good luck charm,” he said.

“Also, I wanted to make sure that I could give content to Bigg Boss. The show was giving me so much and I wanted to give back to the show. My journey was simply amazing and filled with a lot of fun. It was like living in a boarding school. I think everyone should experience Bigg Boss once in their lifetime because over there every contestant is at par, there is no celebrity or commoner,” he added.

Akash, or A-Cash as he preferred to be known as, made his way to the Bigg Boss house with a sole motive to make a name for himself as a rapper and labeling himself as a complete entertainment package. While he was often mocked by most of the housemates, he took every moment as it came and enjoyed it to its fullest. Right from the start, he got along with Puneesh and they were also tagged as the ‘pagal premi’jodi' of the season. He found a close friend in Arshi Khan and often referred to Shilpa Shinde as his ‘Maa' (mother).

Talking about his fights with Shilpa, Akash said, “The first few weeks were good. Shilpa and I shared a mother-son relationship, and used to hug, kiss and joke all the time. I found her very loving and caring just like my mother. But somewhere down the line, she became uncomfortable. But things are fine now. She got emotional when I was evicted. I apologised to her. Probably I have been wrong somewhere. But I am really close to her and Puneesh.”

What also caught attention was Akash’s relationship with Arshi as the two were often seen holding hands and sharing the same bed inside the house. “Arshi is a hot girl and we were the hot sensation in the house. I enjoyed being with her and we supported each other throughout. We were the dynamic duo in Bigg Boss,” said Akash, adding that he wants any one out of Puneesh, Vikas or Hina to win the show. “Puneesh is my buddy, I want him to win. But Vikas and Hina played their games well. Vikas was very good at manipulating and making sure that people around him do what he wanted,” he said, further adding, “I know that Shilpa is extremely popular and that she’s done some great shows. But I think India looks at the overall personality. Shilpa at times did not do the task as well. She is also over confident. She would say that Vikas would go in the 14th week."

Akash hails from Mumbai and has lived most of his live in Texas, USA. He has previously worked with Sukhwinder Singh and Meet Bros. In the future, he plans on working on his music and continue being part of the entertainment industry.

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