Bigg Boss 11, Episode 99, 8 January 2017: Hina, Vikas, Akash gang up against Shilpa

Seema Sinha

Jan 09, 2018 10:13:56 IST

After Luv Tyagi got evicted this weekend, five Bigg Boss 11 contestants remain on the show — Hina, Vikas, Shilpa, Puneesh and Akash. These five contestants — three celebrity and two commoners — have had an amazing run so much so that they have survived among 19 contestants in the past three months. And there are clearly two teams —i one of Hina, Vikas and Akash and the second of Shilpa and Puneesh. Bitterness between Vikas and Hina against Shilpa is growing by the day. In fact it has gone worse in the finale week. Today, they have a new challenge to survive — tough questions from the press.

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

The episode begins with Shilpa telling Puneesh that since Hina called her unhygienic, she will make only her and Puneesh's food. Her comments irritate Vikas and he complains to Hina. Hina reiterates that Shilpa is unhygienic. Shilpa tells Hina that she will not make her any food and then makes it anyway. Hina loses her cool. Shilpa is still very upset over Hina's comment that she is a bit unhygienic. Hina says that she will make her own food. She says that Shilpa is so overconfident that she is showing her true colours now that the show is coming to an end.

Hina, Vikas and Akash walk out from the kitchen area and go to the garden. Shilpa slams Hina in front of Puneesh, calls her a namak haram (treacherous). Hina tells Akash that Shilpa knows very well that she cannot cook and yet is doing this to her. Shilpa sits alone and cries saying that Hina continuously slams her for being 'overconfident'. Puneesh comforts her while Hina takes cooking tips from Akash.

Vikas, who is coming out of the restroom, sees Shilpa cry. He tells Hina that she should not take the bait and fight with Hina because it gives Shilpa what she wants — an opportunity to cry in front of camera and play victim.  Vikas advises Hina that she should not fight with Shilpa and ignore whatever she says. Hina feels that Shilpa is doing this because she knows that she is popular, has a huge fan base and is going to win the show. Soon, there is a shocking announcement and Bigg Boss tells the contestants that all five of them are eligible for eviction this week. The fans will then decide who will be the four finalists who will make it to the finale.

Bigg Boss calls the contestants to the activity area and much to their surprise, there are several journalists waiting for them. They quiz them on the journey till now. Puneesh says he is happy to reach this stage. He had planned he will last only for one month. He is happy that he too is a celebrity now. Hina denies that she is 'ghamandi' (boastful) just because she has managed to stay in the industry for eight years. She claims she has never said that she has achieved something just because of her long run in the industry. Vikas tells the media that Hina is genuinely forgetful. Earlier, everyone thought that she was lying but the fact is she really forgets what she has said earlier.

When Shilpa and Akash are quizzed about their mother-son relationship, the latter says he found Shilpa to be a caring person like his mother. Shilpa says she wanted to be Shilpa Shinde, not act like a mother. But this is a reality show. Vikas says he and Shilpa are colleagues. Shilpa calls him a very good actor. He says she is a very good writer. Shilpa says she was never seriously of the belief that she will win. She clarifies that she has said that she is a celebrity only when the person in front of her treats her as if she is a nobody. Then, it is necessary to stand up for herself. Puneesh defends himself against the allegation that he never stays friends with anyone. He says everyone uses the other person. Shilpa says no one reciprocates when she does anything for anyone.

Hina says she is not jealous of Shilpa's kitchen skills but whenever the time comes for task, she escapes by cooking food. Puneesh defends Shilpa saying that Shilpa is like the unappreciated housewife to which all the media persons applaud. Vikas says Shilpa may be cooking, but she doesn't do any cleaning or any other house tasks. Everyone does their share of housework. This does not mean she should not participate in the tasks. Shilpa brings up the unhygienic taunt of Hina and Puneesh says it is her personal space and no one has the right to comment on it. Shilpa says the right word was disorganised and not unhygienic.  Hina is accused of body shaming Shilpa, Arshi and criticising Bandgi for her ‘affair’ with Puneesh and for participating in most of the acts against women, despite coming with the ‘girl power’ tag. Hina says that it was her point of view.

Shilpa thanks Puneesh and slams the others. Vikas and Akash realise that Shilpa once again cried. Shilpa tells Bigg Boss that all of them are liars and she is going mad. Further, Shilpa tells Puneesh how difficult her stay has been. Shilpa says standing in the kitchen and cooking food is not easy. She shows her hands with cuts and burns. Puneesh sympathises with her saying it does not look like a celebrity’s hand.

Meanwhile, Hina and Vikas marvel at how Puneesh has been supporting Shilpa. Vikas says it is Puneesh's way of ensuring that some of Shilpa's supporters will vote for him and save him from elimination. Meanwhile, Akash goes to wash his hands and notices Shilpa crying to Puneesh. He goes and tells Vikas and Hina in the garden. Hina applauds Shilpa's ingenuity, saying, "She’s amazing. I have to hand it to her."

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