Bigg Boss 11, Episode 98, 7 January 2017: Luv Tyagi gets evicted; Aiyaary cast in the house

Seema Sinha

January 08, 2018 09:20:05 IST

Salman Khan begins the last episode of Weekend Ka Vaar as next Sunday, on January 14, is the grand finale of the show. He asks the four contestants as to what are they going to miss once they are out of the house. Hina says she will miss sleeping in the lawn area under the sun where she finds a little peace in the open area and that they would drag a cot to that spot. Luv says he will miss getting up to a song and dancing on it while Shilpa says she will miss Bigg Boss' voice and the host Salman Khan.

Luv Tyagi on Bigg Boss 11

Luv Tyagi on Bigg Boss 11

The Appy Fizz caller Akanksha picks on Shilpa and asks her that why is she not enthusiastic in the tasks to which Shilpa says that she is the only one who has stood individually and played all the tasks by herself. Salman asks Hina’s take on Shilpa's performance in the Ticket to Finale BB Mountain task and Hina says that Shilpa did not play the task well and did not support her as was decided between them. Hina further says that Shilpa did not try to save her bag from getting emptied. Shilpa retorts saying Hina cheated with her on the first day. Vikas added saying Shilpa had shown great potential in tasks initially but not in the recent past. Puneesh supports Shilpa saying that everybody has their own way of playing their task and Shilpa had her own planned strategy without getting too loud, aggressive or engaging in any fights like others. The caller turns out to be a Vikas supporter who tells him that he is playing well.

Here is when Salman warns Shilpa to not underestimate the fans of Hina, Vikas and others as they are putting in all efforts to vote for them. As Salman leaves, Shilpa looks irritated and thanks Puneesh for supporting her and also says she has never given up on any task. Hina and Vikas discuss how Puneesh himself has been saying that Shilpa does not perform tasks and now he has taken a u-turn. Vikas adds that the fans are watching it.

Akash and Puneesh fight in this season's last Sultani Akhada. In the first round, which is verbal, Akash says that Puneesh cannot play alone to which Puneesh says that nobody would like to form a team with Akash who is negative and unhygienic and also takes pride in it. Puneesh wins the first round. The second round is physical and both  are tied together in a way where their backs are facing each other and in a tug of war they have to pick the flags and put in other pot. Puneesh wins the last Sultani Akhada of Bigg Boss 11 with 4/0.

Aiyaary cast Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee enter the house and engage housemates in a activity where they have to sit on a gym ball and save the balls that have their picture and kick the ones which have the picture of other contestants. The first four balls to go in the pit placed in garden area will lose the game. Hina, Shilpa, Luv and Puneesh lose the game while Akash and Vikas manage to win. Further, Sidharth asks who is the Aiyaar (meaning Bahrupiya) of the house. While Akash and Hina aim Vikas who successfully manages to get people by his side and is very good at manipulating things. The majority said that Vikas is the Aiyaar of the house.

Aiyaary team meets Salman on the stage. Rakul Preet Singh chooses to play lady Dabangg. Sidharth and Rakul dance with Salman on 'Munni Badnam Hui'. Manoj and Sidharth say Salman's dialogue in Bhojpuri and the star cast dances with Salman on the popular Bhojpuri song 'Lollipop'. Manoj Bajpayee dances to 'I Am A Disco Dancer' as Sidharth wishes to see him in that avatar.

Salman asks nominated contestants to count their votes and write it on a card and put it inside the envelope of their names. Puneesh opens the ballot box and physically sorts the votes putting them in the basket of each contestant. The nominated contestants count the votes and write the number of votes they have received in a card and put them in the envelope. Luv gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 11 after receiving the least number of votes, which is 393. Vikas received 428 votes, 464 votes for Hina and 660 votes for Shilpa. Salman expresses shock as he feels that the votes cast were quite few.

Soon after, Bigg Boss announces live voting on, 'Who should be the winner of Bigg Boss 11' — celebrity or commoner. Puneesh represents the commoners’ side and Hina represents celebrities side on who among the two should be the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Puneesh tries to convince janta (the audience) by talking about the struggle of a commoner. He says it is just these three months in which they get to interact with viewers but celebrities already have a fan base with a lot of controversies and content that they have to offer.

Puneesh receives 55 per cent votes. Representing the clan of celebrities including Shilpa and Vikas, Hina says celebrities have always lived and behaved in the house as any other contestant. She further says that all five of them have to always carry that extra baggage and celebrity tag which makes it difficult for them and that it depends upon the viewers to choose the best. Hina receives 79 per cent votes making her the winner of the live voting.

Updated Date: Jan 08, 2018 09:20 AM