Bigg Boss 11, Episode 9, 10 October 2017: Shilpa and Arshi compete for captaincy in a 'royal' task

Seema Sinha

Oct,10 2017 23:56:23 IST

The padosis, who are now contestants in the house, have a huge task ahead — of keeping gharwales convinced with their made-up stories. Padosi contestant Mehjabi Siddiqui cries while talking to Hina, Shivani, Vikas and Sapna, about her ‘family’. Akash advices Lucinda how to handle the money she gets from the show. Later on, the contestants are discussing the credibility of the story that thepadosis are cooking.

So far, they are acting well but Shivani and Arshi are not too convinced, whereas Puneesh finds their story dangerous. Shivani tells Akash to not get too involved with them. Akash introduces Puneesh and Bandagi as Romeo and Juliet, to the padosis, as he flirts with Lucinda.

Earlier, the inmates wake up to the hit number, Nazre mili dil dhadka with funky dance steps. Padosis are the topic of discussion these days and Arshi wonders how Luv doesn’t look like Mehjabee’s son as they claim. Shilpa tells her to let it be, and further she tells Arshi that even she doesn’t look like her mother.

Shilpa and Arshi try to woo Hiten in Bigg Boss 11

Over the years, the only thing constant in the Bigg Boss house is the changing dynamics of human emotions and interpersonal relationships. Friendships formed till now are being tested. Hina and Vikas, who shared a strong bond from day one, are now at loggerheads with each other. Vikas alleges that Hina’s behaviour keeps changing according to her convenience. He brings up the situation with Zubair wherein Hina initially stood up for Zubair but post Salman’s comments, changed and commented that Zubair was the bad apple of the lot. Further, Hina goes on to say that she repents siding with Vikas and that he was removing his frustrations, she even says that he deserves to be harassed by Shilpa. Shivani, too, accuses Vikas of his poor conduct.

A visibly emotional Vikas then gets into an argument with Puneesh, by suggesting that Puneesh is living off his father’s wealth and does not have an identity of his own. Hiten and Luv calm Vikas down and make him understand that the inmates were instigating him so that he gets physical and is ousted out like Priyank. With many of the inmates now against him, Vikas has an emotional breakdown and locks himself in the bathroom and starts crying. Shilpa is happy seeing Vikas’s state while Jyoti tries to calm Vikas, who keeps complaining from inside. Hina tells everybody that Vikas was now unhappy that she has become friends with Arshi and few others. Puneesh retaliates by calling Vikas a ‘Fraud’ and brings up a casting couch incident from the past. Shilpa also keeps on instigating Vikas by broaching the topic of casting couch couple of times.

Vikas has an emotional breakdown, he breaks his mic and leaves the house. Hiten informs Bigg Boss that he tore the blinds and left the house. Later on, Bigg Boss gives him a earful about his behaviour, in the confession room. Vikas vents out his frustration. Bigg Boss tries to explain to him, saying that he was over reacting to what each inmate said. He apologises to Bigg Boss and says that he won’t repeat the mistake and keep control on himself. Hiten, Benafsha, Sabyasachi calm him down whereas Arshi still irritates him. Mehjabee is seen talking about her ‘son’ Luv to Sapna and also about his sexual preferences.

Bigg Boss announces the next luxury budget task.  The contestants are given a royal task where Hiten is a King, Shilpa – Arshi are his two queens and rest of the contestants are his royal subjects. While Shilpa and Arshi battle it out to woo Hiten, he has to decide who makes for a better queen. The queen to win his attention will also be the captain of the house.

The buzzer goes off and everyone gets to work. The royal subjects start building their forts and destroying each other’s forts. Vikas tells everyone that they can’t hit each other. Out of frustration, Hina kicks Akash but apologises later. Vikas tries to save his fort as Puneesh forces himself on the fort. Hiten asks everyone to understand that they can’t injure each other. Later on, Shilpa and Arshi offer to give Hiten a massage. They even agree to kiss him when a few contestants demand so.

Later on, Arshi asks Sapna to give her a leg massage but she refuses saying she is in Shilpa’s team. Shilpa decides to push Vikas’ limit and tries to provoke him but leaves later on. Hiten tries to convince Sapna to give Arshi a leg massage since it is a part of the task. She is disappointed in Hiten that he is making her do something so demeaning. Shilpa also asks Hiten to make Vikas follow her orders. Sapna gives Arshi a leg massage any way and Arshi leaves after some time while Sapna breaks down. Shivani, Jyoti and Bandagi calm her down. After the task ends, Sapna storms out to give Arshi an earful.

The other contestants stop asking her to not get physical. Hiten explains to her that he was just trying to prove that they respect him and not because he wanted to make her happy. Hiten and Sapna hug each other and she calms down. At night, Sapna tells Hiten that no matter whom he chooses, she will make their lives miserable. Arshi and Shilpa are seen talking about how powerful they felt in character during the task. Puneesh and Bandagi’s love story seems to be taking a positive turn. Puneesh is seen kissing her hands, but, well, it could be just for the cameras

Updated Date: Oct 10, 2017 23:56 PM