Bigg Boss 11, Episode 67, 7 December 2017: Arshi accuses Shilpa of disrespecting her father

Seema Sinha

Dec 08, 2017 10:32:10 IST

This episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with contestants waking up to the song, Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast.  'Captain' Arshi has assigned kitchen duties to the men of the house. Arshi and Akash get into an argument when the latter is not able to make an egg properly, and she decides to change his duty. Akash alleges that Arshi was being arrogant because of her captaincy. Hina, who is pissed with Hiten as he spoilt her game plan of becoming a captain, tells Priyank that she has got pimples because of the fight that happened with him. She also imitates ‘Mastermind’ Vikas and makes fun of Vikas and Hiten’s friendship.

Bigg Boss soon introduces a luxury budget task, ‘Statue’. All the housemates start guessing that their family members will enter the house. As a part of the task, Bigg Boss will order the housemates to freeze every time he asks them, and they will go into the statue position. Vikas and Shilpa have a heart to heart chat wherein former tells Shilpa that Bigg Boss has chosen a very wrong day for this task because he has been missing family members and he was feeling a bit emotional. Shilpa jokes that his mom will get an opportunity to slap her for the harassment she meted to him during the first few weeks. Both laugh out loud.

Arshi and Shilpa in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

As the contestants are ordered to freeze, Puneesh’s dad enters the house. He talks to every contestant while they are in statue position. He tells Vikas that he is the real boss of the house, calls Akash Puneesh’s real friend. Puneesh is released and he runs towards his father and breaks down as he hugs him. He introduces him to everyone, who are still in a statue position. The contestants are released and they all meet his father. All of them are asked to freeze again. Puneesh’s father meets Hiten and Priyank, who are in their towels in the washroom area, and takes an exit from the house.

Everybody appears excited and their happiness knows no bounds thinking about their family members visiting them. Arshi’s father walks inside the house and the contestants are asked to freeze immediately. He goes up to each and everyone contestants and tells them something. He mistakes Hina for Shilpa and tells her that she talks really fast. He goes up to Hina and realises that he has made a mistake and tells her the same thing. Arshi is released and she runs towards her father and hugs him. Before Arshi introduces her father to everyone, he goes up to Shilpa and tells her that he made a mistake, and advises her to stay strong like a mountain. All the contestants are still in statue position when Arshi and her dad go out in the garden area to have a chat. He advices her change her look by changing her hairstyle and opt for a pony tail. He also tells her to greet Salman Khan with more respect every weekend.

Everybody is in for a shock when Arshi suddenly accuses Shilpa of giving her father a dirty look and disrespecting him. All the housemates tell Arshi that she'd got the wrong impression, but she says that she will never forgive Shilpa. Shilpa tells Arshi that only she was capable of thinking like that. Shilpa tells Puneesh this was uncalled for and Arshi was just over thinking. Arshi starts yelling that she won’t treat Shilpa’s mother nicely when she enters the house and Hiten tells her to not to do so.  Since Vikas supports Shilpa, Arshi repeatedly calls Vikas, ‘a thaali ka baingan’ and he gets so pissed that he starts yelling at Arshi and tells her not to mess with him as he is very emotional. He storms out of the living areaShilpa is disgusted with Arshi and keeps looking at her and that irritates Arshi.

Shilpa’s mother walks inside the house and the housemates are asked to freeze immediately. She tells everyone that they have called her daughter ‘maa’ and she is happy about it, but do not insult her when they have called her their mother. As Shilpa’s mother walks out of the house, Shilpa is released and she runs towards her mother and jokingly tells her that she talks way too much. She asks her to show her the kitchen, but Shilpa tells her that she is off kitchen duties. Shilpa introduces her mother to everyone and shows her the house. The contestants are released and except Arshi, they all greet her mother. Vikas complains about Shilpa to her in a fun way. Soon after, Arshi tells Hina that Vikas doesn’t speak to her with respect the way he does with Shilpa or Hiten. Hina replies that she has allowed him to talk to her like this.

The housemates are ordered to freeze again. Priyank’s ex-girlfriend, Divya Agarwal enters the house. She directly goes up to Priyank and tells him that he has hurt her and a lot of other girls. She also adds that she has not come to demotivate him, that she supported him all along, but she didn’t see her existence. She tells him that she has parted ways with him and that no one but Vikas is his friend. Priyank starts crying but continues to remain in freeze position. Divya further tells him that people have called their relationship fake. Divya is asked to leave the house while the contestants are still in statue position. She runs towards the main door and walks out as Priyank starts yelling her name while running after her and breaks down in the garden area.

Vikas tells everyone that whatever Priyank is doing right now is drama and he has behaved this way in every reality show. Puneesh and Shilpa are talking to each other and they say that Priyank shouldn’t have cared about the task and released himself from the statue position if he cared so much, but he didn’t as he is guilty. Puneesh said this is karma as he was the one who called his and Bandgi’s relationship fake. Luv also tells Priyank that he should have let go off the task. Luv is pissed that Divya thinks they (Luv and Hina) were not his true friends, and that Vikas was Priyank’s only true friend.

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