Bigg Boss 11, Episode 65, 5 December, 2017: Hina suspects Vikas-Hiten's game plan in captaincy task

Seema Sinha

Dec 06, 2017 09:43:07 IST

Bigg Boss 11 housemates wake up to the song, Chota Bachha Jaan Ke Humko. Akash quickly takes a ride on Vikas’s shoulders and the contestants get the hint that today's task would be around kids. Arshi tells Luv that he is lucky as he has been saved umpteen number of times despite considered to be a weak contestant.

Hiten teases them and calls them a young couple. Puneesh is seen chilling with Vikas and Shilpa. Puneesh tells Vikas that Arshi has been telling him to stop talking to Shilpa but he will do that. Shilpa and Akash are the two nominated contestants of the week, and latter jokes what will happen if he is saved in evictions and Shilpa goes out.

Today the gharwale find themselves in the race for Captaincy, but only to realize that their fate lies in the hands of someone else!  They will be Baby Sitters taking care of little ones as part of ‘BB Day Care.’ Each one is given a baby-like doll to take care of for the entire day; wherein the doll is a miniature of another contestant of the house. Complete with diapers, milk and prams, the contestants are armed with everything that is needed to take care of their 'little ones'.

Hina Khan Bigg Boss 11

Apart from taking care of the baby, they also have to race to a parking lot created in the lawn area, and the one to reach last gets eliminated from the task; thus also discarding the person whose doll they are holding, from the captaincy eligibility. There is no Sanchalak for Round 1, but the first one to be out of the task will become the supervisor!

Akash has Hiten's miniature baby while Vikas gets Arshi. The buzzer rings and they rush for the parking of the prams. Arshi tells Vikas that she wants to become the captain and he gives her few tips to play the game. As Priyank fails to park the pram, Puneesh is out of the captaincy race. Priyank who is a baby in Shilpa’s pram tells her that he wants to be the captain. Shilpa agrees provided he saves Puneesh later on during nominations.

Arshi, who has Shilpa's miniature baby, deliberately takes the task lightly and damages the doll. She flings her doll from the pram and throws around showcasing her emotions towards her so called, Maa Shilpa. Vikas tells Hiten that Akash is not interested in the game. Akash agrees. He says he was bored and done.  At 8pm, the buzzer rings again and everyone runs to park the prams. Hiten and Shilpa are out of the captaincy race, as both, Akash and Arshi deliberately fail to park the pram. Inside, Hiten taunts Akash that he lost like a loser. Hina discusses with Luv and Priyank that she will make a better captain than Akash. Hina has Akash's miniature baby, whereas Hiten has Hina's.

Vikas tells Puneesh to think smartly if he wants to survive. Puneesh says he wants to see Arshi win. Vikas says, at any cost, Luv should not win. Vikas tells Arshi that people will not be happy if he says she will be made captain. He says he is trying hard but he cannot guarantee it. Arshi loses it and yells at Vikas saying that he could make Bandgai captain but he cannot make her one. She starts crying in the washroom area. Akash tries to console her. Vikas tells Puneesh that he will survive only if Luv gets nominated with him.

Hina goes and tells Hiten that she wants to become the captain. She says, she is being forthright and can’t scheme and plot like them. Vikas and Hiten agree with her on her face. Hina clearly does not want to make Akash the captain, and when Akash tells Hina that he is not interested in being the captain, she is happy and takes it easy with the task. The buzzer rings and Luv makes quick entry.

The first round of the task is complete, and Shilpa has some fun by making Priyank and Luv’s doll sleep together. She calls it Dostana Part 2. Vikas explains how the game revolves, to Luv and Priyank. He says there are always multiple contenders. Vikas says Arshi, Puneesh all are in the game. Luv says, no solo player can win the game.

Vikas and Shilpa debate about how Luv is being saved. In the washroom area, Vikas swears that he supports Arshi, who has heard Akash say that they were against Arshi and her captaincy. Vikas tells Puneesh to make Arshi understand as Akash was spreading lies. Irritated, Arshi says, she does not care about being a captain.

Arshi tells Hina and her gang  -- Priyank and Luv --  that Vikas only listens to Puneesh. Priyank tells her that Vikas always plots and schemes like that. Luv questions Vikas, who has Luv's miniature doll, that why is he not supporting him for captaincy, and Vikas tells him that there was no guarantee. Priyank then tells Arshi that he wants to see Vikas’ game-plan. When Arshi again questions Vikas about their friendship, Vikas shuts her up saying that her accusations were disgusting.

Luv, Priyank and Hina take Arshi on their side, and ask Arshi if she wants to become the captain, and she says yes. Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him from Priyank. But Priyank is heard telling Hina that he won't fulfil his promise as Puneesh had earlier broken his promise by making Vikas the captain.

Meanwhile, Akash is on his own trip. In an attempt to sort out matters between Shilpa and Arshi, he takes Shilpa out in the garden area, to Arshi and requests her to forgive Arshi. Shilpa refuses. Arshi, who is expecting an apology from Shilpa, keeps showering rude words on Shilpa. Shilpa tells Arshi that she deserves bad behaviour. Arshi tells her to leave. Akash apologises to Shilpa for trying to make amends.

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