Bigg Boss 11, Episode 56, 26 November, 2017: Jacqueline Fernandez, Remo D'Souza pay a visit; Sapna evicted from house

Seema Sinha

Nov 27, 2017 10:49:57 IST

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 11, we saw megastar and host Salman Khan slamming Priyank, Akash, Sapna and Hina about their behavior last week. Priyank came under Salman’s scanner more than once. Priyank received flak for body shaming Shilpa, and Hina was pulled up for not stopping him despite being present there. Salman tried to instill some sense into the contestants and reprimanded them for discussing objectionable topics. While he defended Team Shilpa, he took Team Hina to task. In the latest episode, whatever we witnessed on 25 November continued. Also, the Race 3 team joined Salman on the show, and Jacqueline Fernandez and Remo D'Souza visited the house with some tasks for the housemates. This episode also saw an elimination between Sapna, Hina and Priyank.

Salman gave us glimpses of what effects Saturday’s class had on the house. Hina and Priyank were seen in deep conversation about how they can do many things right yet one wrongdoing will always be pointed out, as the host told them in the previous episode. Priyank played the victim and asked Hina why they were always being attacked. Hina told him that they were being targeted, adding that she had not seen previous seasons of Bigg Boss apart from the footage that was telecast on TV, so she didn't know if this was routine. She hoped Salman would have reprimanded the other group too sometimes, because their behavior was only encouraged by him.

Bigg Boss 11, Episode 56, 26 November, 2017: Jacqueline Fernandez, Remo DSouza pay a visit; Sapna evicted from house

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

Arshi had an argument with Vikas over the latter's support and over-friendly demeanour towards Puneesh and Bandgi. Arshi said that she too can become a captain and that she wanted Vikas to stand by her. Vikas walked out and asked Bandgi and Puneesh to try explaining to Arshi, but Bandgi was sure that Arshi is playing a game. Priyank sought Arshi's forgiveness one more time. Priyank said that he is in the wrong and he knows it. Arshi asked Priyank to sort out his differences with Vikas. Priyank was hestitant and as he expected, Vikas refused to listen to Arshi and declared that he was done with Priyank. Vikas said he does nothing for the camera and that he is nobody’s friend in the house. Arshi lost her cool and joined Akash in saying she now knows Vikas too well. She talked about how she is done with people telling her what to do and henceforth she will play individually. Vikas asked Arshi to let out her pent up anger on Shilpa and not involve him in this. Arshi said she respects Shilpa and will always respect her, but that she will not be friendly towards anyone anymore.

Arshi broke down as she was hurt by how Shilpa left her in an instant. She said that Akash is her friend and she will ask him for food, and no one can stop her. Vikas took Arshi’s side and said that Shilpa had no right to stop her from going to Akash. Shilpa was in no mood to listen to anyone. Arshi cried her heart out as she felt Shilpa had left her alone, while Priyank, Hina and Sapna took this opportunity to get close to Arshi. Vikas took Arshi away and told her they cannot forgive Priyank because he has repeatedly hurt both of them. Vikas asked her to stop lashing out at him because of the anger she felt for Shilpa. He asked her to stop distancing him as she was his only friend in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

Salman decided to explore the matter and asked Arshi why she was crying. Arshi said that her ‘mother’ Shilpa kept getting angry at her and threatened to stop talking. Salman asked her to chill as ‘mothers’ are bound to get angry at times but that their love was unconditional.

He introduced the ‘Cold Treatment’ task, and asked the housemates to pick a partner of the opposite sex. Jallaad walked in with ice water and a funnel. Akash took the opportunity to apologise to Salman. He said that Arshi made him understand his mistake. The first pair was Shilpa and Puneesh; Jallaad put the funnel in Puneesh’s pocket. Puneesh got the 'cold treatment' every time Shilpa said 'yes'. Up next were Bandgi and Akash, and she did her best to trouble him. Hina, who was with Vikas, went one step ahead to say that she would answer 'yes' in order to trouble Vikas.

The Appy Fizz caller of the week put Luv in a spot as he was confronted about lying in court about not being present while Arshi’s clothes were being discussed. Luv got all nervous and kept saying that he couldn't recollect the conversation, as he evidently had no answer; the housemates called him a liar. Hina acted totally innocent, while the other party rejoiced. Arshi and Vikas were extremely happy that the people now know the true colours of Team Hina.

Salman announced the release of Tiger Zinda Hai and talked about the shooting process of Race 3 which will release on Eid next year. Jacqueline Fernandez and Remo DSouza entered the house as part of Race 3 promotions. The ‘Pyaar Ka Izhaar’ task was announced. Shilpa rolled the dice and got ‘Nok Jhok'. She performed with Hiten mischeviously. Puneesh rolled the dice and got 'Maafi'; he demanded that Akash hug him. They hugged it out and danced. Sapna got the ‘Tadka’ dance and Priyank joined her. Priyank told Jacqueline that he has danced with her but as a background dancer when he has begun working. Vikas got 'Takrar' and Hina pulled Vikas’s hair out of vengeance. Towards the end, Remo taught them a step to Akash’s rap song, ‘Bang Bang’. Jacqueline and Remo also took selfies with the contestants.

The team of Race 3 on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@ColorsTV

The team of Race 3 on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@shahdaisy25

Salman was joined on stage by the entire Race 3 team — producer Ramesh Taurani, Remo, Jacqueline, Daisy Shah, Bobby Deol and Saqib Saleem. Salman pulled Bobby’s leg by saying that he has never seen a gym before Race 3. Salman revealed that the three men were having a tough time working out for the film and complimented the girls on their fitness. They danced to a medley of songs.

Salman went back in the house where the housemates were seated in the garden area. He announced that this time, the eviction would be different. All the nominated contestants – Hina, Priyank and Sapna – wished each other luck. All three contestants were seated on a rotating seat, and one of them would disappear by the end of the show. It was certainly quite dramatic. The housemates were tensed and while the guessing game was still on, they suddenly realised that Sapna was missing. Salman announced that Sapna was the evicted contestant. Luv, Hina and Priyank felt sad.

Sapna in the eviction chair on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@ColorsTV

Sapna in the eviction chair on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@ColorsTV

Bandgi expressed on camera that she was feeling a little happy about Sapna’s eviction, as she had, along with Hina and Akash, tortured her in the kaalkothri a few days ago. Priyank apologised to Vikas, but he refused to accept her apology. Vikas said that Priyank had no idea about what he was doing. Priyank said that he always supports Shilpa. Vikas explained the difference between Priyank and his group, saying that he became the hero when he left the show but at this point Priyank was nothing short of a villain. Vikas and Priyank got into an intense verbal fight. Vikas asked Priyank, “Why did you tell me that your father thinks you are gay because of me?” Priyank clarified that his father had asked him this because of what happened in the house.

As the fight ended, Vikas went up to Arshi and discussed the entire matter. Vikas said Priyank does everything for the camera. In turn, Arshi asked Vikas if Salman would get mad at her if she was not friends with Shilpa. Vikas explained that she should continue playing her game her way. Salman stepped out with the message that it would be interesting to watch the events, with Sapna leaving the show.

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