Bigg Boss 11, Episode 55, 25 November, 2017: Salman Khan irked by Akash, leaves Sultani Akhada

Seema Sinha

Nov 26, 2017 17:40:57 IST

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 11, Salman Khan took it upon himself to clarify and resolve the myriad differences between friends and foes. From sorting issues between Sapna and Puneesh, to questioning Priyank in the katghara, this night's Vaar was one that the contestants will never ever forget.

Salman started off by asking the gcontestants who is the ‘villain’ of the house this week. By popular choice Puneesh was called to the Katghara, and an argument between him and Sapna was brought up. While Sapna claimed that Puneesh passed derogatory comments about her profession, Puneesh insisted that he meant otherwise. Salman sided with Puneesh, adding that Sapna had misunderstood him and that she was instigated by the others. He pulled up Sapna by asking her why she expects others to not respond if she passed rude comments about them. Sapna looked miffed and told Salman that he had made a mistake by including an 'uneducated' contestant like her in the show.

Bigg Boss 11, Episode 55, 25 November, 2017: Salman Khan irked by Akash, leaves Sultani Akhada

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

Salman soon revealed the true villain of the week was Priyank. Interrogations begin, and Priyank is told about the kind of behavior he has exhibited in the house. He then asked Priyank how much his mother weighs, and then asked him why one had to weigh a particular amount to be a captain. Priyank made the same remarks as he did previously, but not in the same tone. After this, Salman repeated the derogatory remarks he had made about Shilpa. He also revealed that Hina was present! Why didn’t she tell Shilpa about this, just as she had told Sapna about Puneesh’s comment? Salman slammed Hina, who tried very hard to justify, but he didn't fall for it. Salman reiterated that discussions about religion, sexual orientation, caste, and body shaming were a complete no-no.

Salman came out of the house and secretly watched the reactions of contestants. Hina began to get hyper when Shilpa tried to tell her that she was at fault. Hina called Shilpa a frustrated woman and she continued to keep justifying her actions. She kept saying that she has told Priyank to not make such comments. Shilpa told everybody about Hina’s behaviour towards her. Then Salman returned to say that he has heard Hina talk about how the show's organisers were favouring certain contestants. The actor questioned her about this, but Hina played the victim card.
Then Salman questioned Puneesh about his decision to not make Akash a captain. Akash got mad at Puneesh and both of them began yelling at each other. Salman then tried to tell Akash that the way he was behaved was wrong, but Akash refuses to see sense. Salman gave up and folded his hands in front of Akash.

Akash on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

Akash on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

Salman announced the four people who are up for nomination – Priyank, Shilpa and Sapna and Hina. They then went back to what had happened the previous night and morning. The night before at 11, Sapna and Hina taunted Bandgi, and then Sapna parroted that people kept complaining that she doesn’t talk. In the morning, Shilpa was shocked when Arshi said that she has nothing against Sapna. There was a small disagreement between Shilpa and Arshi; the latter said that she will talk to whoever she wants and that Shilpa can’t rule over her. Soon after, Salman brought up Priyank’s hatred for Arshi, as he was constantly saying that he hated Arshi while he eliminated her from the captaincy. “So much hatred for Arshi?” asked Salman.

Salman now came to the nomination task, and once again, Hina had to face the music. He told Hina that she had put a strong and deserving contestant in danger at the pretext of saving Luv (with sarcasm), who had many fans in the house. Salman declared Shilpa safe. He asked Hina how would she feel if she had to leave the house – Hina replied that she had saved Luv purely because of friendship, and that she won’t regret it if she was eliminated. But if she stayed, she wouldn't do it again. Sapna and Priyank looked nervous. Salman repeated that each contestant has to play for themselves and not make sacrifices for anybody else, as they would regret their decisions later.

Finally, in the Sultani Akada segment, Salman called friends-turned-foes Puneesh and Akash to settle differences between them. Puneesh brought his A-game, but a dejected Akash refused to participate in any part of the sultani fight. His behavior irked Salman. who tried to make him understand the nuances of human relationships. The words fall on deaf ears and Akash continues remaining indifferent. This added fuel to the fire, and Salman finally walked out of the Akhada in a bad mood.

Updated Date: Nov 26, 2017 17:40:57 IST