Bigg Boss 11, Episode 52, 22 November 2017: Priyank-Arshi feud escalates; Hina has a breakdown

Seema Sinha

Nov 23, 2017 10:59:22 IST

It's Day 52 in the Bigg Boss 11 house. When we left the contestants last, they were arguing a 'divorce case' between Arshi and Hiten. Hina and Vikas were their respective lawyers, Sapna and Bandgi were the judges and the other contestants played family members to either Arshi or Hiten. The episode ended with Priyank (Team Hiten) lashing out at Arshi for making remarks about his sexual orientation.

High drama? We clearly hadn't seen the last of it as the latest episode picked up the proceedings once again, and then took them up by another notch. Vikas accused his opposing counsel Hina of causing the current tensions. He also accuses her of being the biggest 'vamp' in the house, harking back to an incident from the very first week of Bigg Boss 11, when Arshi asked Hina for help, but the latter gave her the cold shoulder leading to the complications of the present.

Bigg Boss 11, Episode 52, 22 November 2017: Priyank-Arshi feud escalates; Hina has a breakdown

Vikas and Hina argue on Day 52 of Bigg Boss 11. Image courtesy Colors TV


Meanwhile, the battle royale between Arshi and Priyank shows no signs of abating. Priyank reminds Vikas that it was similar comments by Akash that had led Priyank to shove him during the first week — which in turn had gotten Priyank ousted from the house by host Salman Khan. Priyank tells Vikas that the same thing is happening to him again. Meanwhile, Arshi threatens to fling her shoe at Priyank.

Amid the fracas, Bigg Boss ends the task for the day. The sniping between Priyank and Arshi, however, continues.

Meanwhile, Vikas tries to mend fences with Priyank at the behest of Hiten. Priyank refuses to talk to him. Sapna and Bandgi have an argument of their own — they seem unable to decide on which side they support in the court proceedings. Sapna thinks Hina makes the more forceful arguments while Bandgi thinks it's Vikas.

The next day, the contestants wake up to the song 'Kambhakht Ishq'. The mood is still prickly as each of the contestants take potshots at each other. A fight springs up between Hina and Shilpa over breakfast; Hina goes to the bathroom and cries.

More fights erupt over Arshi's behaviour, and more specifically, her clothes. Arshi has been going around in torn clothes to elicit sympathy and the opposing contestants have cottoned on to the ploy. The tension between Vikas, Hina and Priyank escalates over this.

When the task resumes, it turns into a slugfest between Vikas, Hina and Arshi. Hina's equaton with Zubair is brought up, which makes her break down. Shilpa accuses Hina of acting for the cameras. After much debate, Bandgi and Sapna rule in favour of Hina and Team Hiten. Hina is not mollified by the victory, however, and sobs. She says she can't handle the Bigg Boss house anymore. When Priyanka an dLuv console her saying she'll always have their support, Hina wonders what will happen when/if they leave the house before she does.

And on that note, matters end in the Bigg Boss house. Stay tuned for Day 53.

Updated Date: Nov 23, 2017 10:59:22 IST