Bigg Boss 11, Episode 4, 5 October 2017: 'Padosi' contestants win the first luxury budget task

Seema Sinha

October 06, 2017 00:22:50 IST

The day starts with a bang as drama at the Bigg Boss house unfolds. Shilpa continues to sing her favourite, self-composed song, Bang-Bang with an aim to instigate Vikas. Their fight is on for the last three days since the show began. Shilpa confides in Arshi and tells her how Benafsha was enjoying herself when Vikas was making uncharitable remarks against her. Vikas screams at Shilpa and accuses her for abusing his mother and reprimands Arshi for supporting Shilpa. Hina takes a vote of who all agree that Shilpa was instigating against Vikas. However, Akash, who earlier had a fight with Vikas, refuses to stand by him.

Annoyed with her behavior, Vikas decides to avenge her by not letting her sleep. Along with Priyank and a few others from the house, the gang decides to bang vessels against each other and not let Shilpa sleep. Hina tries to explain Shilpa that she was in the wrong.  Then we see Shivani Durga continuously stare at Shilpa and murmur something. This spooks the contestants out and some of them just don’t want to sleep in the bedroom.  The inmates feels that Shivani was using her tantric ways on Shilpa.

The contestants wake up to the song, Gulabo from the film, Shaandar. Puneesh, Benafsha and Bandgi are discussing last night’s event in the bedroom. Puneesh is completely freaked out by Shivani as he says that she did some magic on Shilpa last night. Cut to Shivani in the bathroom area where she is talking to the camera. She tells that the godmen have more patience than a normal human being, and if the contestants will poke her then they should be ready for repercussions too.

The Bigg Boss farm continues to rule the house and the contestants have to complete different tasks involving animals. After completing tasks with a donkey and catfish, the contestants are looking forward to other others tasks in store for them today.

Shilpa is chosen to read out the tasks to all members of the house. However, she has immense problem reading it out since it is written in Hindi. Irritation levels peak as the current peace-maker Hina passes comments on Shilpa’s diction and the two have a row of sorts. When Shilpa doesn’t allow Hina to read the tasks, latter screams at Shilpa and both have a heated argument. Hina walks out in rage.

Further we see Shilpa crying with Shivani and Arshi by her side. Shivani feels bad about taking a wrong stand and apologises. Shilpa ends the conversation by saying that Vikas and herself have been chosen to be in the Bigg Boss House for creating drama.

Hina performing the luxury budget task in Bigg Boss 11

India’s favorite Bahu, Hina Khan is chosen to perform the first task along with Puneesh and Arshi. When chosen for the task, Shilpa passes a rather snide remark suggesting that the task will be a piece of cake for Hina as she has previously participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi. For the task, Hina is blindfolded and made to catch a total of four Hens. Padosis claim that they had taken six minutes and 22 seconds in doing that task. Puneesh and Arshi guide Hina through this job at hand. Gharwales win the task as Hina is able to complete the task in lesser time.

There is again an altercation between Shilpa and Vikas wherein Shilpa starts mimicking him. Soon after Luv calls up for food, Shilpa answers the call and Luv asks for potato vegetable that she had prepared the previous day.

For the second task, Bigg Boss brings in a beloved talking parrot, Kukutoo. Priyank, Jyoti and Sapna are mandated with the task of getting the parrot to talk by repeating a single phrase over and over again for a specified duration. Akash nikamma hai; Sapna loudspeaker hai are few phrases they get the parrot to repeat. Soon there is an argument between Shivani and Arshi over food. Hina loses her calm when she finds that they were not consulted for the food items prepared. Arshi tells Puneesh and Shilpa that Hina was losing it because she was feeling insecure of her. Zubair questions Shilpa about preparing khicdi without asking the inmates. He uses abusive language while talking to her. Hina fires Zubair for his behaviour. Arshi points out this behaviour of Zubair to Bigg Boss and viewers. Shilpa and Arshi gel well and go giggly while whispering into each other’s ear which irritates the rest.

In yet another task, Hiten, Vikas and Shilpa have to identify animals while they are blindfolded. Bigg Boss tells them that the padosis had taken 11 seconds to do so. Vikas and Hiten were successful in the task and they just take two seconds each, whereas Shilpa refuses to feel the animal and thus fail at the task. When the gharwales get to know this, Hina tells everybody that Shilpa will be judged the worst performer. Soon it is declared that the padosis have won the luxury budget task as they were successful at three tasks out of five given to both the parties. They are sent a luxury budget hamper by Bigg Boss. Puneesh wonders what was the point if it was gharwales who would finally cook and operate the kitchen. Arshi and Shilpa feel Hina was supporting the wrong person like Zubair as Hina was found hugging him. At this point of time there are clearly two groups emerging in the house – Arshi and Shilpa form part of one, and rest of the contestants in the second group. It looks like there will be many more ugly fights tomorrow with one of the inmates being sent to jail.

Updated Date: Oct 06, 2017 00:22 AM