Bigg Boss 11, Episode 38, 8 November 2017: Akash, Bandgi, Sabyasachi become contenders for captaincy

Seema Sinha

Nov,09 2017 09:54:25 IST

The brawl between the housemates, that started yesterday, continues inside the Bigg Boss house and the two groups that have been formed are still lashing out at each other like there is no tomorrow.

Akash keeps calling Luv and Priyank as Hina’s pets. This is something that doesn’t go down well with Luv as he threatens to break Akash’s face. Puneesh and Priyank, who got into a massive fight last night, fought again with Hiten and few others trying to stop them but in the process, Puneesh spits on Priyank’s T-shirt.

A still from Bigg Boss 11

A still from Bigg Boss 11

Amidst the fight, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task. The garden area has been converted into space and a makeshift rocket has been placed there. Puneesh is the supervisor of the task while the contestants are astronauts. They have to be inside the rocket at all times. A contestant who decides to leave the rocket gets an opportunity to fight for the captaincy. However, once a contestant leaves, some amount from the winning prize of Rs 50 lakh will get reduced.

As the ‘Gharwale’ have boarded the Bigg Boss rocket, they are all set to survive space. It will be interesting to witness how long the contestants will stay inside the rocket to protect their prize money in Bigg Boss 11. But at this point of the game, captaincy is more important for some contestants as they do not mind money getting deducted from their winning prize. They just want to get out of the rocket and nominate themselves for captaincy. But prior to taking any decision, they pass comments and start taunting each other. Both Arshi and Hina instigate each other. Luv mimics Akash and teases him. Akash gives it back to him saying that Luv needs a doctor.

The task begins and after the first alarm, Sabyasachi leaves the rocket. His envelope had the amount of Rs 70,000 and hence, that much has been deducted from the winning amount. After the second alarm rings, Bandgi leaves the rocket and her envelope had Rs 1,75,000 in it. Akash, Shilpa, Arshi and Mehjabi leave the rocket after the third alarm. Since Akash left the rocket first out of all four of them, he will get a shot at captaincy.

Puneesh, who is supposed to be outside in the garden area monitoring the task, leaves and goes into the house to spend time with Bandgi. This is when Hina comes up with a plan and suggests Benafsha to leave the rocket so that she could go and pee. She leaves the rocket and attends to the nature’s call. As Puneesh is sleeping in the living area, they wake him up and request him to give them blankets. Vikas asks him to get a black garbage bag so that he could pee in it. And he does.

Soon one by one, all of them start leaving the rocket. First Priyank goes to the washroom. Then Hina steps out and pees in the garden area as Priyank and Vikas cover her with the blanket. Luv goes inside the house to take something from the kitchen. Sapna too goes inside the house. Hiten, who did not leave the rocket all this while, also gives up and goes to attend to the nature’s call, and takes the apple pie from the kitchen and comes back in the rocket. All of them end up flouting the task rules while Puneesh is in deep sleep, unaware of what has happened.

The morning alarm rings and contestants wake up to the song, ‘Pocket Mein Rocket’ from the film Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year. Puneesh jokes with Akash that Vikas peed on national TV. Shilpa figures out that while Puneesh was sleeping, the contestants who were there in the rocket left it as she spotted pee on the commode in the bathroom.

Another alarm rings and Benafsha leaves the rocket. Her envelope had Rs 10,000 in it. Hiten is the next one to leave and his envelope had the highest amount of Rs 10 lakh.

Bigg Boss summons everyone in the living area, even the contestants in the 'rocket.' It is announced that since they all broke the rules of the task, hence they get no luxury budget task and their winning prize also becomes zero. Sabyasachi, Akash and Bandgi get the shot at captaincy.

As the task comes to an end, Hina breaks down as she feels guilty. She accepts that she goofed up majorly by provoking everyone and thus broke the rule. Tomorrow we will witness yet another fight in the house with the contestants blaming each other for losing out on the prize money as well as the luxury budget.

Updated Date: Nov 09, 2017 09:54 AM