Bigg Boss 11, Episode 3, 4 October 2017: Housemates boycott Shilpa Shinde; Sapna, Jyothi get into heated argument

Seema Sinha

Oct,04 2017 23:58:52 IST

It’s time for the contestants to gear up and earn a chip, as the first luxury task of this season’s Bigg Boss is on the anvil. Adding an element of surprise, Bigg Boss has brought in some new members to the house — endearing animals. All contestants are in awe of the animals and are looking forward to winning their first luxury task.

Earlier, the contestants wake up and dance to the tunes of Koi ladki hai. The day starts with huge arguments. With Akash boasting to be a great rapper, Vikas Gupta tells him to prove himself rather than talk big. Vikas and Shilpa continue to have their arguments and the latter starts singing to avoid and irritate Vikas. Vikas tells her that actually she was feeling sad inside but pretending to be happy.

He goes and tells the others that Shilpa was a deadly combination of being mad and cunning. Shilpa supports Akash in his friction with Vikas, and on other hand Priyank is seen supporting Vikas in his fight with Shilpa. Vikas tells Priyank that he appreciates his involvement in his matters, but asks him not to as he has to go very ahead in the game and all this shouldn’t affect his game plan.

Shilpa Shinde and Zubair Khan.

Next, activity area is converted into an animal farm for the luxury budget task which will happen between the Gharwale and Padosis. How are the padosis – Luv Tyagi, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Lucinda Nicholas and Mehjabi Siddiqui involved? Bigg Boss asks them if they performed the same task, how much time would they take. They all decide the time of four minutes and 30 seconds. First contestants to experience the task are Zubair Khan and Shivani Durga.

The two have to team up together and transfer catfish from one tank to the other. Slippery, jumpy, and thrusting in water the catfish are sure to give Zubair a hard time! Bigg Boss tells them that the padosis have completed this task in four and a half minutes. Since Zubair is seen doing extremely well in this task, the padosis get worried. Zubair is able to complete the task in a minute. Padosis blame each other for the goof up.

On the other hand Akash, Benafsha and Bandagi have a unique task at hand. They have to Bray-ve up, bathe and feed a donkey that will be present in the activity area. Padosis say that they completed this task in four minutes and 56 seconds. Akash takes the first step towards this new friendship and names the farm animal Jack. As Akash and Bandagi take on task of giving the animal a bath, Benafsha is mandated to feed carrots to Jack. Gharwale are not able to complete the task within that time frame and lose to padosis in the second round.

Padosis are to introduce themselves as a family to the housemates and they have to create a story, and make it believable. It is only when Bigg Boss is convinced with their story that they will get to go the main house. And while they are in the house the padosis still have to pretend to be a family. Bigg Boss takes a test again, and asks the padosis a few questions, but their prep is weak and Bigg Boss gives them more time to prepare.

Stretching their argument to another day, Shilpa and Vikas get into another row and Shilpa dedicates and sings the infamous song ‘Bhag DK Bose’ to him. With quarrels rising in the house by the day, Bandagi and Zubair find themselves in the middle of a heated one, as Bandagi complains about the way Zubair talks to women. When Bandagi breaks down, Akash and Priyank calm her down. Zubair is surely the center of attention today as he takes on mimicking a Hen, Fish and Parrot. In the last stroke of anger, Zubair argues with Arshi and calls her ‘Gareebo ki Rakhi Sawant’. Arshi tells Zubair that in order to earn trps he was fighting with Bandagi.

Meanwhile, Sapna is extremely annoyed with Jyoti’s behaviour. As they are in the garden area walking along with Arshi, Jyoti says something out of line and Sapna gives her a piece of her mind. Arshi supports Sapna and tells Jyoti that she doesn’t have manners to talk to people. Cut to bedroom where Sapna tells everyone that she will not take this disrespectful behaviour from Jyoti next time. Simultaneously, Shilpa is explaining to Jyoti in the garden area that she needs to talk to other housemates with a lot of respect as most of them are elder to her. However, Vikas is of the opinion that Jyoti was a kid and that she should not be taken so seriously.

Arshi and Vikas have a conversation over Shilpa and the former wants to know the reason for their fights. While Shilpa has told Arshi that she and Vikas were friends in the past, Vikas denies this, and he tells Arshi that she was doing this merely for attention.  Later he confronts Shilpa, who avoids him by singing. Vikas calls Shilpa demented and that she needed a shrink.

This time even the housemates choose to be on Vikas’s side as they all realise that Shilpa was initiating all the fights with Vikas. As a result, they all decide to boycott her for some time. Akash, for obvious reasons, is in team Shilpa and doesn’t leave her side as all the other housemates stop talking to Shilpa for almost two hours.

Updated Date: Oct 05, 2017 00:00 AM