Bigg Boss 11, Episode 26, 27 October, 2017: Priyank Sharma is back in the house

Priyank Sharma, who was ousted by show host, Salman Khan for breaking the rules in the first week of the season, is back in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

Seema Sinha October 28, 2017 09:24:20 IST
Bigg Boss 11, Episode 26, 27 October, 2017: Priyank Sharma is back in the house

Yet another day starts inside the Bigg Boss house as the contestants wake up to the Shah Rukh Khan’s peppy number, I Am The Best. Puneesh and Arshi, who is in the jail, are seen discussing Luv. Puneesh says that he was contributing nothing and that he should be out of the show. He further says that Hina has made a mistake of entering the house, and Arshi adds to it that she (Hina) was over.  Looks like both are obsessed with Hina. They never leave the opportunity to talk about Hina.

Priyank Sharma, who was ousted by show host, Salman Khan for breaking the rules in the first week of the season, is in the confession room waiting to get back inside the house again. He is informed by Bigg Boss that he is not allowed to give them any information about the outside world, but only his opinion or perception. Soon he walks inside the living area quietly and everyone is ecstatic to see him. Benafsha runs towards him and hugs him tightly.

Priyank has been concerned about Benafsha as he had seen her being “harassed” by Akash and Puneesh. He had said this when he was out of the house. However, Priyank meets everybody nicely and when he goes to meet Akash in the jail, latter says let bygone be bygone.

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 26 27 October 2017 Priyank Sharma is back in the house

Priyank Sharma in the Bigg Boss house.

Vikas gets emotional and he tells Hiten that now he wants to go home. Hiten wonders what was wrong and tries to console him.  Vikas says the house had changed them a lot. He is upset with Benafsha. Hiten says she was a kid and tells him to forgive and move on.

Further, Vikas tells Hiten that Priyank has returned at a very wrong time, as he cannot be emotionally weak. Vikas tells Priyank he has had an emotional breakdown twice since he left, and that no one inside the house is his friend.

Priyank agrees with him and tells him that he has seen everything and understands everything better now. He tells Priyank that within five minutes that he left the house, Hina was hugging Arshi, and Priyuank says that everybody has hugged Arshi not just Hina.

Vikas will now heave a sigh of relief, jokes Arshi, and further says that now she has left Hiten and that nobody should come between her and Priyank. Priyank tells Bandgi that someone outside was missing her, referring to her ‘boyfriend’, but Arshi says that he knew nothing about her ‘boyfriend’. Priyank tells her to be careful of Puneesh. Bandgi goes and corners Puneesh whether he had a kid and latter understands that Priyank has given her this piece of information.

During last night’s episode, Bigg Boss asked Dhinchak Pooja to create a viral song. She had the option of taking help from Arshi and Akash, who were locked inside the jail with her.

Bigg Boss announces that their jail term has come to an end, and the three leave the jail. Soon they start preparing to shoot for the song, but Sapna asks to show her the lyrics. She doesn’t like her bit and refuses to perform. Hina, too, is not on-board, but she finally agrees to shoot after her lines are changed. She suggests Pooja to change Sapna’s lines too, and gets Sapna to shoot the song. But before that could happen, Sapna gets into a very heated argument with Arshi, who wrote the lyrics.

Tomorrow, on Weekend Ka Vaar, former Bigg Boss contestant and winner of season 7, Gauahar Khan will enter the house and ask each contestant to convince her that why do they deserve to be on the show. She will also be seen giving them some advice. And Salman will be back to take their class. While evaluating the week gone by, he will say, "This is certainly not Hum Saath Saath Hain."

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