Bigg Boss 11, Episode 21, Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan welcomes Dhinchak Pooja

Seema Sinha

Oct 23, 2017 09:17:26 IST

Salman Khan brings yet another Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 11 and starts by pulling a fast one on the contestants. He tells them that one of the five nominated contestants will have to leave the house. This leaves everyone shocked. He informs them that Sapna has been eliminated.

She is asked to go to the confession room instead of walking out through the exit door. Actually this is a game wherein Sapna will be asked some questions and the other housemates, who can listen to her in the living area have to say if she is telling the truth or not. During this round, she reveals that Bandagi is somewhere using Puneesh and that Vikas is faking his friendship with Hina.

Bandagi does not take kindly to Sapna’s point of view. She starts crying saying that Sapna was a player and that she made relations in house to gain sympathy. Puneesh tries to console her. Vikas is also hurt and upset with Sapna as the latter said that he was faking his friendship with Shilpa. Next up is Benafsha to enter the confession room. And Salman asks her if she enjoys while other contestants fight, and all of them agree. While Benafsha also laughingly agrees, she says she will not take a stand. Puneesh is the next to go in the room where Salman asks him if his focus is on Bandagi and not on the game, and most of them agree to this too. Puneesh says that he is focused on the game.

Bigg Boss 11, Episode 21, Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan welcomes Dhinchak Pooja

Salman Khan and Dhinchak Pooja on Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar

Further on, the lead actors of Colors' popular shows arrive as guests, impersonating the contestants in the Bigg Boss house and the 'Gharwaale' perform for them. Arjun Bijlani, Rubina Dilaik, Meghna Malik, Avika Gor, Rashami Desai and Jasmin Bhasin make their way into the Bigg Boss house and do an exceptional job of mimicking the contestants. Arjun pretends to be Hiten and Jasmin is seen wooing Arjun, portraying Arshi’s character. Rubina mimics Hina brilliantly. Salman loves the way the actors impersonate the contestants — especially Rubina, so much so that he asks her to repeat the act on stage.

Soon after, the contestants put up special performances to entertain their guests. The first act is by Hiten and Vikas wherein the former is playing a madari while Vikas is a monkey. They mimic a few housemates, including Shilpa, who does not appreciate it. Akash and Jyoti are seen showcasing their Bhojpuri rap skills. But it is Hina and Sapna who steal the show with their spirited dance moves on a Haryanvi song. Soon, the Colors artists make an exit.

Then we have the well known singer and TV host Aditya Narayan who is seen doing a jugalbandi with Salman inside a ring created on the stage and talking about his upcoming show Entertainment Ki Raat, where Aditya is the host.

Salman is seen soaking in the Diwali spirit, preparing sweets with Meghna Malik and Avika Gor from Colors’ upcoming fiction show Laado 2 — Veerpur Ki Mardaani, and the other guests. Salman then meets the contestants again and informs them there is no eviction this week. They all start dancing and celebrating as Salman bids adieu to them.

Vikas and Sapna get into an argument as the former is not happy with what she said inside the confession room. Puneesh, too, is upset with Sapna, who tells him that she said what she thinks and she could not lie. Puneesh refuses to eat and then Bandagi convinces him and brings him food.

Salman then introduces the first wild card contestant of this season, and it is none other than the cringe pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja (also known as Pooja Jain in smaller circles). He jokes by asking her whether Dhinchak was her surname. Further, after listening her sing, he runs short of words as he could not believe that these songs have become so popular. Looking exasperated, he suggests (jokingly though) that it is his last season as the host. They then sing Pooja’s famous song, 'Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj' together.

Pooja then makes her entry inside the Bigg Boss house and the other housemates’ reactions are priceless, especially Hina, who cannot believe this and just seems to be done with the show. Shilpa is seen telling everyone that how Dhinchak has become popular by composing some inane lyrics. She also tells her co-contestants that Dhinchak was a smart cookie and she could even give Arshi a run for her money. Akash, who is a rapper, starts singing with Pooja while many others keep a distance.

Updated Date: Oct 23, 2017 09:17:26 IST