Bigg Boss 11, Episode 17, 18 October 2017: Mithai politics on Diwali eve — Arshi, Jyoti join Vikas in jail

Seema Sinha

Oct 19, 2017 00:16:45 IST

Day 17 in Bigg Boss’ house was an eventful one. Firstly Shilpa and Vikas  further strengthen their friendship as Shilpa made tea for Vikas, who is in jail for attacking Puneesh. Not just that, Vikas also kisses Shilpa on the cheek for making tea for him leaving Shilpa shocked and speechless. The apologies didn’t end there as Vikas also said sorry to Puneesh for beating him. Vikas agreed that he was in the wrong but that didn't stop Puneesh from saying rude words and making uncharitable remarks behind Vikas’ back.

Later, Vikas advises Bandagi to stay away from Puneesh. He tells her that he is way elder to her and that he is also married and it will affect her reputation as a single celeb. Arshi accuses Hina of targeting and blaming her for any problem happening inside the house. Luv tells Hina to not get affected by what Arshi was saying, and Hina replies that she cared a damn of what Arshi said.

Bigg Boss 11, Episode 17, 18 October 2017: Mithai politics on Diwali eve — Arshi, Jyoti join Vikas in jail

Akash feeds Sapna mithai. Day 17 in Bigg Boss 11

Early in the morning, Vikas is seen in jail. He is visibly agitated, and now with Arshi alongside him, he asks her to help him in his team’s challenge against team Puneesh. He clearly hasn’t been able to get over the events of the previous day. He asks Arshi to get two boxes – and gloves. He dons the rubber gloves, and gets all set to start collecting insects. He keeps the dead insects in one box and all live ones in the other.While he’s doing this, Hina is seen speaking to the team members about how they will not give the other team any time to recuperate between attacks – there will be a constant onslaught. Hina will follow her plan to the T.

As the day progresses, on popular demand, Sabyasachi bakes an apple pie and a special cake for the contestants, which is loved by everyone. They all wish each other Happy Diwali. Hugs and kisses are passed around – some warmer and more affectionate than the others. They even take the pie to the Kaal Kothri and offer it to the inmates; the love in the air is palpable.

Bigg Boss even sends sweets to the contestants, after all - they’ve been his guests for over two weeks now. They are all smiles when the beautiful gift wrapping is opened, and the sweets are revealed. The housemates feed sweets to each other.  As the tasks begin, Vikas’s team attacks team Puneesh, who is on the chinrest. All of them give up, except Puneesh, who manages to stay till the end as Vikas’ team continue to attack him with ice water and saw dust.

We see Bandgi and Puneesh in a conversation wherein the former tells him all the things that Vikas told her about him. Puneesh clarifies that he is going through the divorce, and once he gets some final papers, he will be officially separated from his wife.

It is announced that team Vikas has won the task and they are asked to choose two contestants from team Puneesh, who were the worst performers in the task. It is decided that Arshi and Jyoti are the worst performers as they didn't even participate in the task deliberately, and they join Vikas in the jail.

Vikas, Arshi and Jyoti decide to have some fun. The trio escape the jail to steal the Diwali sweets from the house. They think this is in good humour, but it all becomes serious when Bigg Boss lashes out at them saying that this could lead to accident in the house. Hina gets furious and starts yelling as Vikas, after stealing sweets from the refrigerator, threw it in the jail while he is getting inside again. This is when Arshi loses her cool as she thought Hina abused her. Shilpa sides with Hina and asks Arshi to mind her tongue. Later Vikas realises his mistake and decides to stay away from Arshi and Jyoti.

Updated Date: Oct 19, 2017 00:16:45 IST