Bigg Boss 11, Episode 11, 9 January 2017: Arshi Khan returns to judge who is the meanest of them all

Seema Sinha

January 10, 2018 09:14:14 IST

It is finale week and the contestants are getting one surprise after another. In tonight's episode, we see Shilpa, Hina, Vikas, Akash and Puneesh reunite with one of the evicted contestants for a game which is Arshi Khan. But she is back in the house only as a guest and not as a contestant.

Arshi Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Arshi Khan on Bigg Boss 11

The episode starts with Akash apologising to Shilpa saying, "I want to be No 1, everyone should have that junoon (passion). That's why even if I have to step onto someone's toes to get ahead, I don't see it. I am sorry. I really do love you a lot." Akash and Shilpa share a hug as Shilpa accepts his apology. The next morning, Akash forcibly hugs Shilpa and pulls her cheek. Shilpa gets angry and she slams Akash to Puneesh. She tells Puneesh that she does not want to see Akash anywhere near her. Akash comes back and yells at Shilpa for slamming him before Akash and says she should have told him directly, especially since the previous day, they had both made up. She tells Akash that it cannot be on his terms all the time.

Akash claims that Shilpa was sexually harassing him when she slapped his butt the previous day when they made up. She says she should have slapped his face. She says that just because they made up does npt mean that he can expect their relationship to return to its previous comfort level. She promises that she will definitely slap his face before the show ends. Vikas tries to break them up but in vain. Puneesh warns Akash that Shilpa will very likely slap him. FurtherShilpa tells on camera that it is not always easy to be strong and being strong does not mean that everyone can treat you like a doormat and stamp on you.

Soon after, Vikas finds Luv’s ballot box and his votes lying in the living room. He starts counting his votes and realises that Luv had fooled everyone.When Luv had counted his votes, he had claimed he had got 393 votes. Vikas and Puneesh count the votes and find that he had actually got only 293 votes. They cannot believe he got away with such a thing on live TV. However, immediately enough, Luv clarifies his position through social media that it could be a mistake and that he has not done any such thing. Luv said that he knew the number of votes Vikas had got which was just above 400 and if he had to cheat, he would have claimed to have got more than Vikas. Vikas calls Shilpa and Hina and tells them about it.

The housemates are assigned a task in which they have to choose amongst themselves as to who is the meanest of them and it is not surprising that they choose Akash unanimously without much fighting. Even Akash agrees to this title.

There is a surprise in store for the contestants and Arshi Khan re-enters the house but only as a guest and the judge of a task. All the others are excited to see her again with Hina even joking that she can cook for her now. Vikas reads out the task saying that Akash has a chance to earn a lot of prize money. But others can compete on the basis of how mean they can be to a designated contestant. Each contestant will reveal their plan to Arshi and the one that Arshi thinks is the meanest will get the go ahead to do it. If the competitor is able to pull off their mean plan then they have a chance to win the prize money. Arshi says she wants the meanest plan possible.

Vikas and Hina strategise how to outwit the others. Vikas hides Hina’s as well as his important stuff even as Hina says they are competitors. Meanwhile, Puneesh tells Shilpa that Akrshi is so biased that she is bound to declare either Vikas or Akash as the winner.

As expected,  Hina starts complainng about Shilpa to Arshi that Shilpa has refused to make food for her. She tells Arshi that Shilpa was wrong to fight with Akash in the morning. She also says Shilpa is overconfident. Vikas and Akash join the two women in the kitchen to crib to Arshi about Shilpa. Shilpa comes in and says she has seen a lot of people do 'nautanki' (drama) on the show. The first person to be targeted according to Bigg Boss is Shilpa Shinde.

Contestants start telling Arshi about their plan of being mean to Shilpa. Puneesh tells Arshi that Shilpa has only two shoes and he intends to destroy her shoes. And since she does not talk to anyone, she cannot borrow anyone's slippers anyway. She will have to walk around barefoot. Vikas suggests he take away her anti-constipation medicine while Hina suggests taking away her socks and Akash her cold medicine. But Arshi awards the chance to Puneesh. Arshi tells everyone what the plan is. Now Puneesh has to complete the task even as Shilpa goes behind him trying to convince him not to destroy it. He gives up the chance and says he has cancelled his plan.

Shilpa and Arshi are chatting in the washroom area. Shilpa tells Arshi that her decision to forgive Akash and her decision not to forgive Arshi are very different because Akash is a fool and Arshi is not. She says she wants to show Akash how it feels when someone breaks your heart.

Next, the contestants target Vikas Gupta. Shilpa says she will destroy Vikas' shirts by putting them in paint. Akash says he will get rid of his favourite shaving cream. Hina says she will destroy either his bracelet or his family photo. Puneesh says he will destroy Vikas' Snoopy shoes. Arshi grants the wish to Shilpa. Vikas tells Shilpa not to target his hoodie as it was a gift and can take more extra shirts but Shilpa does not relent. He begs to Shilpa but she refuses. Finally, she does. She takes all the shirts and gives all of them back to Vikas. She says she cannot do it even as Vikas thanks her for it. Shilpa reasons that just because everyone complains she does not do tasks, it does not mean she should do this task and sink to this level.

Hina complains to Arshi that it is not fair that these people claim they will do something mean and then do not go ahead with it, thereby spoiling others' chances to win. Vikas tells Hina that he actually does not care about the hoodie. He knew that Shilpa would not go ahead with it in the same way that she has never done any of the previous tasks and was looking for an excuse. He just gave it to her as a test to see whether he was right about her.

Meanwhile, Shilpa tells Puneesh that Akash deserves to be the meanest person in the house and there is no way she will be mean and replace him. She is happy to take any punishment meted by Bigg Boss. Puneesh tells her that the meanest girl in the house is Hina and if anyone can topple Akash from his perch, it will be Hina.

Arshi and Akash get back together. They cuddle at night and share some gossip since Arshi has come into the house from the outside world. When Akash slams Shilpa saying that she thinks she is the only one playing the game, Arshi hints that if one is bad to Shilpa in the house, the viewers or latter’s fans go against them. Probably, she is saying this from her own experience as she was evicted despite being a strong contestant. The task will continue in Thursday's episode, with contestants vying to be mean towards Hina and Puneesh.

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