Bigg Boss 11, Episode 11, 12 October 2017: Vikas Gupta becomes the first captain

Seema Sinha

Oct,12 2017 23:47:07 IST

It is said that there can only be one captain at the helm of the ship; a thought that holds true in the Bigg Boss house as well. In the penultimate search for the first captain of this journey, two members from Team Arshi are to be nominated for the final task. These team members are the ones who have outperformed the rest in the Royal tasks from previous days.

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 started with Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan’s conversation on the dining table wherein the former blames Hina Khan for instigating people and always wanting someone to be by her side. During this conversation, Vikas blames Hina for Priyank’s ouster from the house and obviously Arshi, who is not too fond of Hina, agrees.

Vikas is the first captain of Bigg Boss 11.

Shouldering the responsibility of conveying this to her fellow inmates, Hina misunderstands Bigg Boss’ direction. This proves to be costly for Hina, as she is then accused of disrupting Bigg Boss’ message on purpose. What ensues is a fight between her and Vikas, where Vikas ends up calling her a hypocrite. In a moment of extreme emotion, Hina then conveys that she will lose the task on purpose as she cannot live with the guilt of cheating anyone.

It doesn’t end there as Vikas then talks to Benafsha Soonawalla about the whole fight and tells her that things could have planned better if Hina understood Bigg Boss’ direction properly. Hina, who overheard this, tells Vikas that he is doing all of this because he is dying to get some more footage. This irks Vikas even further, and finally he walks out of the room.

And then there are Sapna Choudhary and Arshi Khan, who are still continuing their war of words from yesterday when Arshi had called Sapna a Nachnewaali. This time Sapna maintains her calm as Arshi calls her “smelly woman”. In turn, Sapna just decided to rename her to “bina chhoti waali daayan.”

As Shivani is talking to Hina about the current situation in the living area, Vikas, who is in the kitchen interrupts in their conversation and asks them to stop talking about him. This is when Shivani also loses her cool and lashes out at Vikas.

Meanwhile, Vikas is heard telling Benafsha that between Hina and Shilpa, latter was a brilliant actress and that she was great at comedy. “Even as she has been harassing me a lot I would say that she is a great, psychotic artiste,” said Vikas.

Decisions are made and the two candidates who are set to battle it out for captaincy are Hina and Puneesh Sharma. But things aren’t always so simple in the Bigg Boss House. Bringing alive the element of Padosis yet again, the 4 are given another special power – replace one of the two candidates with someone else from Team Arshi or the Padosi clan.

The final blow comes in when the padosis announce that they would elect Vikas to stand against Puneesh in the final lap of the captaincy task; eliminating Hina from the roster. Vikas and Puneesh, both headstrong and determined, are now in the running to become the first captain of Bigg Boss 11.

This was totally unexpected and everybody is shocked with the decision ofpadosis. Arshi is the first one to hug Vikas excitedly. Hina is hugely disappointed as well as surprised with padosis choice for captaincy, and she tells Sabyasachi in private that they could have chosen a better candidate instead of Vikas. “It could have even been Arshi or you yourself,” said Hina.

Puneesh and Vikas compete for the captaincy task and Vikas wins the task and becomes the first captain of Bigg Boss 11. As a captain, Vikas gets some additional powers above others inside the house.

Soon after, Vikas and Hina are at war with Arshi instigating the new captain against Hina. Arshi tells Vikas that he should call everyone in the living room and give them their tasks. Hiten, too, gives tips to Vikas on how he could run captaincy. As Vikas calls Hina to assign her some house duties, she refuses to listen to him and tells him she will talk to him tomorrow as it’s very late in the night. But what has irked Hina is that Vikas told her that, “aapko beemari hogayi thi.” Hina reveals that it was the first day of her cycle and he shouldn’t have called it a “beemari”. Tomorrow there will be a huge war of words between Arshi and Sapna. There will also be a fight over who will go to jail orkaalkothri.

Updated Date: Oct 12, 2017 23:47 PM