Bigg Boss 11, Episode 102, 11 January 2018: 'Hina knows she won't win the show,' Shilpa tells Puneesh

Seema Sinha

Jan 12, 2018 09:25:43 IST

There are only three days left for the grand finale of this season. This week, evicted contestant, Arshi Khan, was in the house. She gave a task to the housemates which was to take out contestants' meanness towards each other. Vikas had emerged as the winner. However, it was the midnight surprise eviction and showing Akash the doors that brought a lot of excitement to the show. In the process, Puneesh crossed yet another level in the game.

Bigg Boss 11, Episode 102, 11 January 2018: Hina knows she wont win the show, Shilpa tells Puneesh

Vikas, Puneesh and Shilpa on Bigg Boss 11

The house wakes up to the title track of Gupt. Shilpa and Vikas talk about their initial days in the house when Shilpa would pull off weird antics to annoy Vikas. Soon after, Hina reads out instructions for a task. As per the next level of  'Arshi Chahti Hai' task, Vikas has become the dictator of the house, who has limitless power over the housemates. Vikas has to drive other contestants, Hina, Shilpa and Puneesh, to push the buzzer. If the contestants press the buzzer, three lakh rupees would be deducted from the prize money and it would be awarded to Vikas.

Hina is asked to iron and arrange clothes of Vikas and keep it in his cupboard. Vikas then goes on to Puneesh and asks him to go bald. On the other hand, he asks Shilpa to cook basundi for him. Shilpa happily agrees and goes in the kitchen saying that she must have kept several people starved in her previous birth which is why is asked to cook for so many people now. Hina is seen disgusted with Vikas’ ‘dirty’ clothes. "How can someone wear such dirty clothes," she is heard saying on the camera. Puneesh presses buzzer and opts out of the game as he has refused to go bald. Hina gets into an argument with Vikas as she questions his instructions. Vikas says that he has to follow the orders of Bigg Boss and do the task.

Further, Vikas orders Hina and Shilpa to play sisters in the game. He asks them to hug each other and kiss on cheeks every ten minutes till the task goes on. Shilpa and Hina have no choice but to do so. Hina tells Vikas that she has got her periods and that she would not be able to actively participate in the game. Vikas takes note of it.

Vikas asks Hina and Shilpa to wear a saree. Hina refuses while Shilpa finds a beautiful orange saree. She enters the kitchen to cook basundi. She playfully calls Vikas and Puneesh, 'ayyash log'. As Hina is not obeying Vikas’ orders they get into an argument. Vikas gets angry with her and tells her to not talk to anyone and keep mum. She hums a song but Vikas gets angry and orders her to not talk at all. Hina mockingly apologises and indirectly calls him an ass.

After mocking Vikas a few times, Hina does a happy dance. When Vikas sees her hopping around in the house, he asks if she really got her periods and if not, how can she be so ridiculous to use such an excuse in the task. In rage, Vikas presses buzzer for Hina dismissing her from the game. After she is dismissed from the game, Hina tells him if she should be wearing a saree. He tells her that she is out of this game and she should not be participating  in it even as Hina pleads.

Meanwhile, Shilpa is active in the game, and both Vikas and Puneesh relish the delicacy prepared by her. Vikas adds more fun element in the game and orders her to feed him with her own hands, with love. Shilpa and Vikas bitch about Hina and the former warns Vikas that he might appear bad on screen. Vikas says how can someone behave so weirdly and do politics in the last leg of the game. Vikas  and Puneesh compliment Shilpa as she looked very beautiful in the saree. They start talking about Akash who is not there to trouble her but Shilpa says that they were filling in for Akash.

Hina has no one to talk to while the other three are seen bonding big time in the task. Vikas and Hina are summoned by Bigg Boss in the confession room. Bigg Boss tells Vikas that he cannot eliminate anyone in the game. Hina says that she has apologised several times and that she was willing to do the task but Vikas complains that Hina wants to show him in bad light and he does not want to give her any chances. Hina should be made the dictator, he tells Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss asks them to continue the game but Vikas refuses to join the game if Hina is still in it. Shilpa suggests Vikas to give Hina something very tough to do but Vikas continues to play without Hina. Hina and Vikas  again get into a fight. Vikas is seen ranting that Hina wants him to make her do silly and disgusting things so she can play the victim. Hina again urges Vikas to continue with the game with her but Vikas does not relent and asks her to leave. He does not mind losing the task.

Hina is someone he would not like to meet after the show is over, Puneesh tells Vikas. Vikas joins Shilpa in the kitchen and decides to reward her. Vikas asks her to eat rabdi though he knows that she is not fond of sweets. When Shilpa says that she can’not eat, Vikas asks her to press the buzzer. Shilpa is lucky because today’s game limit is over.

Finally, Vikas walks up to Hina after the task is over. On the other hand, Puneesh and Shilpa discuss Hina's attitude. They discuss how Hina is frustrated now that she knows she will not win the show. Puneesh says she does not accept mistakes and is really a 'mohalle ki aunty'.

Hina questions Vikas about making a fuss over her ‘girl problem’ and she also tells him to not talk about it. But Vikas tells her that how could she use this as a shield in the game. Vikas offers water to Hina but she is not ready to talk to him and tells him to not be sweet to her.  Vikas tells her that he is only trying to help as she is not feeling well. Hina tells Vikas that he should not worry because he will win the show.

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