Bigg Boss 11, Episode 10, 11 October 2017: Sapna intimidates Arshi; Puneesh-Bandagi fake romance

Seema Sinha

Oct,11 2017 23:44:49 IST

The days begins with padosis Mehjabi Siddiqui and Sabyasachi Satapathy having a fun chat about gharwales actually believing that they were bound by a family tie. Some gharwales have even started touching Mehjabi’s feet thinking she was the mother of a grown up son. Akash continues flirting with Lucinda and explains to her the meaning of the song played in the morning – Suno Sasurji. He tells her that they would get married once they were out of the house.

Shilpa is unstoppable in harassing Vikas, and while referring to him, says that she had never imagined to meet him in the Bigg Boss house. Vikas tries to get support from Hiten. The royal task of wooing King Hiten is still underway, as 'Queen' Arshi and 'Queen' Shilpa battle it out by putting their best foot forward. Soon tempers rise with Arshi getting into a spat with Sapna and Mehjabi.

Sapna instigating Arshi in Bigg Boss 11.

Happy to play the role of a queen, Arshi daydreams of a make belief royal wedding with Hiten, but Sapna crushes those thoughts by passing snide remarks. Arshi then retaliates by demeaning Sapna, calling her a ‘Naachnewali’ and thereon the fight between them ensues. Sapna says that she was a ‘Naachnewali’ and doesn’t care what others think about her. Sapna finds her own unique way of getting back at Arshi - she follows her around singing songs and changing the lyrics to reflect her mindset. A silent ticking bomb, Sapna also discloses that she wouldn’t mind getting into a physical brawl if the time so implores.

On the other hand, Mehjabi seems to be frustrated with Arshi’s behaviour and picks a fight with her. Arshi doesn't let Mehjabi make her own breakfast. She goes on to say that Arshi is spreading dirt with her words and actions. Amidst dire threats flying lose, Mehjabi warns Arshi to stay well within her limits or the repercussions will be grave. Arshi and Mehjabi have a heated argument and Mehjabi threatens to hit her.

Sapna gets back at Arshi by disclosing to Mehjabi that Arshi was calling her mad. What follows is a fierce battle between Mehjabi and Arshi. Sapna enjoys this as her purpose was served.  Sapna has decided not to spare Arshi since the latter has called her Naachnewaali.  Mehjabi explains to Sapna that Arshi was only trying to provoke her so that she ends up hitting her. Hina tells Puneeesh that Sapna was a true Haryanvi and she won’t spare Arshi. Sapna says she wasn’t Priyank, who would stop at holding only the collar. She continues to intimidate Arshi and follows her wherever she went while Arhsi ignores her.

Arshi can't take it any longer and tells Bigg Boss that she wants to come to the confession room. Arshi tells everybody that Sapna was threatening her of breaking her head. Hiten tells Sapna to stop it. Shilpa consoles Arshi by telling her that Bigg Boss won’t let Sapna hit her.

In the garden area, Vikas Gupta and Jyoti Kumari are talking to each other wherein the former reveals his wedding plans to her. This is when Jyoti asks her if he will marry a girl, and then there is an awkward silence after which Vikas says that he will if she finds the “right person”. Padosis are making sure that the other housemates believe their story. In the kitchen, Luv Tyagi, Sabyasachi, Shilpa and Hiten are talking about some fake property dispute in Luv’s nana (according to their story, Mehjabi’s father). But even this fake argument turns into a fight between Shilpa and Luv.

Later in the day, the contestants from both teams work hard on the royal task to impress 'King' Hiten. Sabyasachi shows off his culinary knowledge by preparing exotic meals; while the ladies – Hina, Arshi, Shilpa and Jyoti massage Hiten through the day. Hiten announces that Arshi’s team was the winner and were able to conquer his heart. All the winners were eligible for captaincy.

Benafsha confides in Jyoti about how many of the contestants were playing a dirty game and that she might soon lose her cool. Vikas, Sapna and Jyoti along with the padosis discuss Arshi’s background. Puneesh and Bandagi Kalra  continue their fake romance. Late in the night, they are seen talking to each other sitting on the sofa wherein it is revealed that Bandagi has a crush on Hiten which Puneesh doesn’t like.

Updated Date: Oct 11, 2017 23:44 PM