Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 22 January, 2017: Salman, Shah Rukh, Sunny Leone recreate iconic Deewaar scene

Seema Sinha

Jan 23, 2017 00:05:12 IST

It is the second season and the second day of the reunion of megastars, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on the reality show and tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar’ is marked by fireworks, music and blazing balls. The actors make a grand entry dancing to a mashup of Raees and Sultan songs. As the audience breaks into a thunderous applause, the actors tell everyone that they are extremely happy to be back together on Bigg Boss for the second time in a row and they are going to make it a memorable experience for everyone on this special occasion of the last Weekend Ka Vaar of this season. Kick-starting the episode on a fun note, Shah Rukh gets Salman to see some of his candid pictures and asks people to guess what was on his mind when he was being snapped.

Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 22 January, 2017: Salman, Shah Rukh, Sunny Leone recreate iconic Deewaar scene

Salman Khan, Sunny Leone and Shah Rukh Khan on Bigg Boss Season 10 Weekend Ka Vaar

Furthermore, Salman throws a googly at Shah Rukh and asks him to give impromptu responses to a few random questions. Firstly, Salman asks Shah Rukh his favorite vegetable and he says Gobhi. He then asks him the name of his favorite villain and Shah Rukh responds by taking Shakaal’s name. He then asks him who cooks food at home to which Shah Rukh replies that Ramu Kaka does it for them. Putting all the answers together, Salman tells Shah Rukh that they have to enact a scene in a true Raees style. Salman, as inspector Chulbul Pandey, interrogates Raees and puts allegations on him for stealing Shakaal's Gobhi. In his defense, Shah Rukh says that he wants to give a call to Ramu Kaka and ask for help. He also says that he was busy watching the show Naagin when the theft of Gobhi took place. As the scene comes to an end, Salman and Shah Rukh burst into laughter and the audience rejoice the moment.

Shah Rukh then goes to the activity area from where he makes a phone call to Manveer and gives him a secret task, which is to hide two trays full of eggs in the store room. Also we love how Manveer reacts when he comes to know that he is talking to the Shah Rukh Khan. Now, we know Bani’s love for eggs, right? The task’s requirement is that Manveer should take the trays in Bani’s presence. So as soon as she sees Manveer taking the tray to the room, she stops him and gets into a slight argument with him. This is when SRK says: “Bani Manveer ko omlette banaake khaayegi naashte mein.” In another task, Shah Rukh tells Manveer to tell Lopa that Bani was better than her. Manveer calls Lopa immature in Bani’s presence; obviously Lopa doesn’t like it and tells him to not to compare two different personalities.

Soon, Salman appears to clean the ‘mess’ created by Shah Rukh and both the stars interact with the housemates through JIO TV and play a few quirky games with them. The housemates are overjoyed to see Shah Rukh alongside Salman and give him a warm welcome. Salman discloses to the contestants about the secret tasks given to Manveer by Shah Rukh.  Making their interaction an entertaining one, Shah Rukh asks the housemates to emulate his signature pose by spreading their arms while he decides that who deserves to be Ghar Ka Shah Rukh Khan Kaun. By impeccably performing the step, Rohan impresses Shah Rukh and wins the title. There is more excitement in store when Salman and Shah Rukh ask the contestants to translate Shah Rukh’s iconic dialogues in their regional language. While Lopa says his popular dialogue ‘Mere bare mein itna mat socho, dil me aata hun, samajh me nahi’ in Marathi while Manveer says ‘Hum ek baar jeeta hain aur shaadi bhi ek baar he hoti hai' in Haryanvi while leaving everyone in splits. Taking the entertainment quotient, a notch higher, the sizzling and sensuous Sunny Leone sets the stage on fire as she dances to 'Laila Main Laila'. Salman and Shah Rukh soon join her on stage to enact the classic scene from the movie Deewaar. Salman becomes Shashi Kapoor, Shah Rukh enacts Amitabh Bachchan while Sunny emulates Nirupa Roy. Giving it a comical twist, Salman, Shah Rukh and Sunny enact the scene in Bigg Boss’s context wherein their mother Sunny has been selected to be a part of the show while the brothers argue whether to allow her to participate or not. After creating few magical moments on stage and having some unlimited fun, Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Leone make an exit.

Salman gets back with the contestants with yet another task wherein the three contestants have to attribute a quality to one of the contestants from a pair chosen by Salman. Manveer gets attributed with most of the good qualities like ‘large-hearted’ and ‘loyal’ as compared to Manu. Further, Lopa and Rohan is the chosen pair, and Lopa gets titles like ‘meethi chhuri’ and ‘badtameez dil’ as the contestants feel that Rohan doesn’t cross his limits. Before closing the episode, Salman interacts with the recently evicted contestant and newly wed bride, Mona Lisa, on stage, and asks her a few questions about the two friends she left behind in the house – Manu and Manveer. When Salman asks her whether Manu and Manveer should trust each other, Mona replies that, at this juncture, nobody should trust either of their co-contestants. And Salman gives her an emotional farewell by showing a snapshot of her journey that leaves her teary eyed.

Tomorrow, which is the first day of the finale week, the four contestants – Manveer, Bani, Lopa and Rohan will be given a task which will lead to a heated argument between Bani and Lopa, so much so that Bani will break down and stage a walkout from the task while the contestants will be left wondering what was the trigger point. Also, Bigg Boss will reduce the prize money, and one will have to watch tomorrow's episode to know the reason behind it.

Updated Date: Jan 23, 2017 00:07:58 IST