Bigg Boss 10, episode 12, 28th October 2016 preview: Diwali ceasefire for contestants

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Oct 28, 2016 20:00:33 IST

On Bigg Boss 10, episode 12, on Colors TV, it is time to shift gears.

The episode, which will be aired on Friday night (28 October), will begin with a fight and end in laughter.

Karan and Lopa receive their Diwali gifts

Karan and Lopa receive their Diwali gifts

Where we left the contestants last:

An explosive confrontation took place between Navin and Lokesh, after he sabotaged her immunity task, in the episode aired on Thursday night. Where does this leave Lokesh? Fuming, and on the losing side. Navin, meanwhile, has won immunity — but in the process lost the respect of his teammates.

Meanwhile, Manveer tries to broker peace between Lokesh and Navin by getting the two to talk. Lokesh, however, refuses. She later tells Manoj that Navin is brainwashing their other teammates, including Manveer.

There's another person who isn't feeling particularly happy with the present circumstances, and it's Swami Om: He complains to Lokesh that he is kept from participating in tasks and then sent to jail for performing poorly.

While having a conversation about their respective teams, Monalisa tells Manu about what she perceives as the celebrities' indifferent behaviour towards her. Manu tells her that the Indiawale are up to their own dirty games, and they need to watch out for themselves.

It's time for Diwali festivities in the house

Bringing in Diwali, Bigg Boss decides to create a cheerful atmosphere by giving the celebrities the gifts sent by their loved ones. Manu hands over Mona’s gift to her while she is inside the jail, which makes her emotional. Bigg Boss also asks Manu to release Monalisa and Om Swami from jail and join the other housemates in the celebrations.

In the evening, the housemates celebrate Diwali by performing a small puja in the garden area where Swami Om recites mantras and complete the rituals. Bigg Boss wishes everyone Happy Diwali and provides fireworks for them to celebrate the occasion.

Watch the full episode tonight on Colors TV at 10.30 pm.

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