Bhai-speak: Salman Khan talks about Kick, Jai Ho and more


Jul 22, 2014 16:34:19 IST

Have you ever wondered what goes in Salman Khan’s head when he’s working on one of his blockbuster movies? Wonder no more. Here’s Khan, in his own words.

Action movies = piece of cake

For an actor there is a lot of hard work involved, especially if you had not done these kind of things before, but if you have been doing these kinds of things all your life – if you have been riding motorcycles, driving or jumping off or fighting or learnt action – then it is nothing.

 Bhai-speak: Salman Khan talks about Kick, Jai Ho and more

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His name in Kick

Devi Lal singh is my name. So, Devi and Lal ka ‘L’ makes my name ‘Devil’.

What Khan has in common with stand-up comedians

[At promotional events] Kabhi kabhi mera humour bhi nahi samajhte. Main joke crack karta hu toh woh bhi nahi samajhte. [Sometimes, they don't understand my humour. I crack a joke and they don't understand.]

Give Jai Ho some respect, yo. And watch it on TV

Jai Ho was a serious film. But what do you do with a serious film? Its inherent thing is that of a serious film. We had liked the run-up, but kids got scared after seeing it and we make films for kids only and thinking that kids see all these digital games where there is so much of blood. But still, zyada ho gaya. … The hero is a trained man, but he also gets hurt and he also falls, doesn't have the energy to get up. So, somewhere, it becomes a serious film. If you see Jai Ho on TV, it is most amazing.

Bhai gets nervous around sweet girls

Jacqueline (Fernandez) and Nargis (Fakhri) are really sweet. Everyone keeps saying they are so hot, but I find Jacky is so sweet and so is Nargis. Their image is so hot but when you talk to them they are very sweet. In me, there was a lot nervousness to work with them.

Bhai is brave

I don't get scared of CG [computer generated] trains.

How Khan’s co-actor almost didn’t save his life in Tere Naam

There was a sequence where I am walking on the train track and the train is coming from behind and there is a worker at the tracker who sees me and dives and saves me. Suddenly the actor [who was supposed to save Khan]… panicked. I didn't know about it, I was walking and train was coming at 30-40 km/hr. … He later told me “Main toh darr gaya. Phir maine unit ko dekha aur phir maine apko dekha and phir maine risk liya and apne jaan ko dau mein lagake apko bachaya, because apko kuch ho jata toh waise hi yeh log mujhe maar dete and main apne aap ko maaf nahi kar pata.” (I got scared. Then I saw the unit, and I saw you, and I took the risk and put my life on the line. Because if something had happened to you, these guys would have killed me and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.) He jumped [late] and he took his body out first and then he took me out, so my leg hit the train. It was that close.

Bhai’s a wordsmith and an actor

Q: What gives you the biggest kick?

SK: Getting kicked also gives me a big kick. It only sends me two feet ahead.

Words to live by

How much am I ready to do for entertainment and for the country?

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Updated Date: Jul 22, 2014 16:34:19 IST