'Fragrant memories' of the past: When Big B saw Priyanka Gandhi at a wedding

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Apr 15, 2015 13:40:42 IST

Priyanka Gandhi, husband in tow, turned up at a biggish Bollywood wedding a few weeks back. Given that the Gandhis and anyone from Bollywood haven't been mentioned in a single sentence meant to be taken seriously for a while now, you'd wonder whose wedding made the two worlds meet.

You probably deserve a toffee if you have guessed right. Firstly, because you have managed to keep track of Kunal Kapoor whose last memorable silver screen outing was in Rang De Basanti, nine years back. Then, you have scanned all the photos that were there of the his wedding to Amitabh Bachchan's niece to have stumbled upon the one where Robert Vadra is bursting out of a shiny blue jacket, and Priyanka Gandhi is spotted embracing the bride.

Did something just stir in you? Did you just hear 'Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge' start playing your head? Chances are, "memories of a fragrant past", as The Telegraph puts it, didn't quite 'flood' your mind. In which case, you, like many of us, belong to a generation which worried over the health of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan's friendship, not between the erstwhile first families of Indian politics and Hindi cinema, respectively, the Gandhis and Bachchans.

 Fragrant memories of the past: When Big B saw Priyanka Gandhi at a wedding

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To fill you in, once upon a time, the Gandhis and the Bachchans were as thick as Nutella and pancakes, vada and pav, Ayan Mukerji and Ranbir Kapoor. Some of you may have remember a pensive Amitabh Bachchan at Rajiv Gandhi's funeral as the only proof of that relationship that went awry after Bachchan quit politics.

Those are the 'fragrant memories' that The Telegraph is referring to in their piece. Unless of course, they are referring to the fact that Priyanka Gandhi wore the same sari to the wedding that was first worn by Indira in 1966 during her US visit, and the publication finds the smell of naphthalene particularly fragrant.

While you may be chuckling at The Telegraph getting into a K-serial mode on spotting Priyanka at Naina's wedding, there's someone else whose memories ambushed his brain and result in a long, stream of consciousness blogpost. That person in question is Amitabh Bachchan, BFF-no-more of the Gandhis.

We're not sure about how the Gandhis would react to this, but Bachchan spoke about relationships that thrived 'millions of years ago' in a blog posted on 11 April. (Gossip hounds, calm down, this one is not about Rekha.)

"Nothing moves the mind greater than the memories of those that were a part of your life in constancy some ‘millions of years ago’ .. tonight as I met with them, it was a time capsule that had suddenly exploded before your eyes .. each an every little detail of those days and years and situations and banter and fun .. all came back like it had never gone away at all ...," Bachchan wrote.

Bachchan went on to say that he felt 'alone' after the said explosion of the time capsule.

"It is a wedding atmosphere, there are thousands of guests and rituals and bon homie being conducted, yet some where in all the ‘rush of life’ there pounds a heart that does not wish to reconcile with the images that unfold before ...," he added.

Now that would make the BJP very happy, right? Or maybe, Shatrughan Sinha can take this as a clear hint that Bachchan is ready to receive a new friend request from him. After all, Bachchan says that he cannot reconcile with the 'images that unfold before'. So did Priyanka Gandhi give him a cold shoulder at the wedding? Or was Bachchan, like the rest of us, really mortified at how the muscles on Vadra's arms were struggling to burst out of the sleeves of his silk jacket? Did the Gandhi girl and her husband say 'hello, but no hello?" to the Bachchans? No one knows.

Maybe we should put Madhur Bhandarkar on the job. That way, he can come up with a script for a new film: Best Friends.

Read The Telegraph report here. 


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Updated Date: Apr 15, 2015 13:40:42 IST