Beyonce, Jay-Z fans make 'Ape Shit Challenge' go viral; sales of white bed sheets skyrocket

FP Staff

Jun 23, 2018 17:11:48 IST

Last week, when Jay-Z and Beyonce dropped a surprise joint album Everything Is Love, along with a new song video, they would not have imagined they would skyrocket the sales of white bed sheets. Trade insiders are yet to validate the claims of this Twitter user who claims so, given how viral the 'Ape Shit Challenge' has become on Twitter.

 Beyonce, Jay-Z fans make Ape Shit Challenge go viral; sales of white bed sheets skyrocket

Beyonce and Jay-Z in a still from 'Ape Shit'. YouTube

The #ApeShitChallenge is basically Twitter uses mimicking, or trying their level best to mimic, Beyonce who is seen, as Popbuzz describes, "is in beast mode serving scatty choreography in a white Stephane Rolland couture gown with the precision of an icon" at the Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre, as Jay-Z looks on.

Twitter users got hold of bed sheets of their own and lost it. Here are some of the best attempts at, as well as cracks on, the 'Ape Shit Challenge':


Updated Date: Jun 23, 2018 17:11:48 IST