'Best film I've seen in a decade': Kangana Ranaut on Aligarh


Feb 27, 2016 11:01:54 IST

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut has lavished praise on director Hansal Mehta's film Aligarh, calling it "beautiful" and "the best film" she has seen in the last decade.

Best film Ive seen in a decade: Kangana Ranaut on Aligarh

Kangana Ranaut. Reuters

"This is the best film I have seen in the past 10 years. And it's very good for our society. Just like medicine, which may be difficult to take but should be taken for the betterment," Kangana said at a screening of the film here.

Aligarh, which stars actors Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkummar Rao, is based on the real-life incident of Dr. Srinivas Ramchandra Siras, an AMU academician, who was suspended from his job because of his sexual orientation.

"As our society is also growing and evolving, the way we are, as a nation, as a country, it's very courageous for Hansal sir to make this film," the Queen actress said about the film.

The actress even said that the film is "so beautiful, it's like a poem and i can go on talking about it".

"It's beyond any issues, beyond homosexuality. But sometimes the film turns out to be so strong that we actually forget how creatively and artistically it is made. So I hope Hansal sir gets his due because it says something very strong and important. I hope we do not forget how fine an artist he is," she said.

Kangana also said that she will begin working with Mehta soon for a new film.

"Yes, we will be working soon. After Rangoon we are going to start the film. I am a big fan of Hansal Mehta and I hope we both will be making an endearing film," she said.


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