Ben Stiller's foundation gets Dodgeball cast together for charity video after 13 years

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Jun,15 2017 18:08:21 IST

The hearts of Dodgeball fans broke a little when the sequel to the 2009 sports comedy film never really took shape.

However, in a surprising move, Omaze uploaded a video of the cast participating in a charity campaign. Ben Stiller reprises his role as Globo Gym chief White Goodman, who encourages the viewers to join in him in Omaze's new contest for charity.

The Average Joe representative Peter LaFleur, played by Vince Vaughn, also features in the video along with Justin Long and Christine Taylor.

Image from Twitter.

Image from Twitter.

Dodgeball was made on a budget of $20 million but when it released, it swept the box-office, unexpectedly raking in a whopping $127 million. The film was directed Rawson Marshall Thurber and was based on the story of a small gym-owner who is bought by his rich competitor. In a classic underdog versus big shot story, the rich rival runs another high-end gym across the street. The general theme of pitting the average underdog against the affluent rival worked extremely well for the film.

13 years later, the cast is back but with a larger purpose. The characters are grown up now but somehow look exactly the same. The Omaze video invites the viewers for a game of dodgeball. It also keeps the competitive spirit alive by asking the viewers to pick sides between the Globo team and the Joes team. The proceeds of the foundation are going to go to the Stiller Foundation which helps fund children's education across the globe.

Stiller said in an Entertainment Weekly interview that the team of Dodgeball always appreciated the constant praise it received from the fans. He added that the team was aware of the connection that people felt with the film, which is why everyone came on board to make this video happen.

Watch the video here:

Updated Date: Jun 15, 2017 18:08 PM