Back off, Indian media: Kangana Ranaut's wage or age is none of our business

Swetha Ramakrishnan

May 26, 2016 11:06:07 IST

Let's just cut to the chase. No small talk. The current lot of rumours (there are always plenty) surrounding Kangana Ranaut feed very easily into the whole (absurd) narrative of her being a black-magic loving witch.

Forget her 10-year long Bollywood career, all the Indian media seems to care about is that Kangana's lying about her age, about how much money she says she is charging versus how much she actually gets, how she's a period-blood eating, psychotic "queen of lies". Basically, 'b*tches be crazy yo'.

There is something fundamentally wrong with all these speculations made about Kangana Ranaut, and its coverage in Indian media: they are sexist, judgmental and hearsay. Picture this: if we were to spread rumours about you, the reader, based on half-baked things we heard from someone's source from somewhere we don't know, how would you feel? Violated, right?

Now imagine if you were a national figure. Shudder. The rampant sexism and judgmental reports written about Kangana Ranaut can scare even the bravest of the lot, and this India Tv news article is the numero uno example of that.


Kangana Ranaut. Image from Youtube.

After accusing Kangana of lying about her age (awww, damn, she's 30 not 29, now I can't go watch her movies at all!) and quoting a higher fee than she received for Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon, the article decides to sum up their peevish piece with this statement:

Looks like Kangana is too much into being in the limelight, no matter the reason is good or bad. After all, “badnaam hue to kya hua, naam to hua”.

Sigh, this is what cherries on cakes are made of.

Then, there's this Zee News report, that tries to be sensationalist but fails rather badly. After claiming that Kangana lied about the remuneration offered to her in Rangoon they say, "this latest bit of news about her is definitely going to come as a shocker to her fans". Yes, because a couple of crores more or less that Kangana gets for herself, is such an important piece of information for our lives.

And then there's the hoard of tabloid portals that in one breath with call her "bold and beautiful Kangana Ranaut" but will also use "SHOCKING BIG LIE" in caps, no less, as if the world is falling apart because of her rumoured dishonesty.

Isn't all of this just so convenient? Can't shut Kangana down (why we feel the need to, is a conversation we'll save for later)? Well, let's just inflate every rumour we hear about her and pass it off as a scoop.

Here's a thought: has is occured to those who write such reports and stories to read up about why there's even a battle related to Kangana's remuneration? The actress has been fighting to get the same fee as the male actors in the industry, which is no mean feat. At a time when 50 year old actors are still romantically paired with 20-somethings, female actors who speak about the unfair practices in Bollywood are few and far between.

All these "reports" are starting to sound like the colony aunty. "Haw National Awards mein isne saree nahi dress pehna, chee chee" or "haww shaadishuda mard ke saath fraanship". And just with that we are back in the 1940s.

Why we should be speculating about Kangana's age is a concept we just don't understand, and since somebody has to say this, we solemnly volunteer.

Back off, guys. Kangana Ranaut's personal life, or anybody's for that matter, while might be interesting to speculate about, is none of our business. If we can disassociate Woody Allen's molestation and sexual abuse charges from his body of work, we should be holding all public figures to the same standard, regardless of gender.

Stop spreading baseless, unauthentic, mass-produced rumours  and ruining the reputation of journalism for the rest of us.

Updated Date: May 26, 2016 11:06:07 IST