Baby Driver trailer: Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx terrify 'baby' Ansel Elgort

Action-comedy Baby Driver tells the story of a young driver caught in bad business involving crime bosses.

FP Staff March 30, 2017 17:22:27 IST
Baby Driver trailer: Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx terrify 'baby' Ansel Elgort

The official trailer of Baby Driver starring The Fault in Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort proves that the word 'baby' can have an alarming, non-adorable connotation when it is said by crime bosses.

Baby Driver trailer Kevin Spacey Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx terrify baby Ansel Elgort

A still from Baby Driver. Image from Facebook

The trailer follows the life of a driver called Baby, who drives cars for people who are criminals and carry out bank heists. Complications occur when he is forced to be the chauffeur of a crime boss played by Kevin Spacey. He meets a pretty waitress who he eventually dates and want to run away with, but he is stopped from doing so by Spacey's henchmen.

Baby's character was in an accident when he was young, and still has a "hum-drum". He listens to music to drown it out, and drives cars at very fast speeds. This is why he is considered as the best candidate for the job. Spacey's character threatens to kill him if he doesn't obey his instructions and finish "the last job", even bringing his girlfriend's safety into the bargain.

There are shots of Baby driving a red car at very fast speeds, of car crashes, and of multiple chase sequences involving the police. There are also some hilarious dialogues, such as the exchanges between Baby and his girlfriend. "So what is it that you do?" she asks. "I'm a driver," he says. "Oh like a chauffeur, anyone I know?" she asks and giggles.

Action-comedy film Baby Driver is directed by Edgar Wright and releases on 28 June, 2017. Watch the trailer below:

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