Avengers 4 casting call seeks 'mourners for funeral scene'; will it be Captain America who dies?

FP Staff

Oct 17, 2017 14:10:55 IST

The ever-expanding Marvel Universe might be in for a reduced roll call with Avengers 4. With the contracts of some of the key actors expiring, fans have been prophesying at least one major character’s death for a long time now.

It looks like one of the fan theories is definitely coming true with a casting call for Avengers 4 seeking to cast mourners for a funeral scene.

Avengers 4 casting call seeks mourners for funeral scene; will it be Captain America who dies?

Still from Avengers: Infinity War. Photo courtesy Marvel

According to MCU Exchange, the casting call posted by Central Casting Georgia on 14 October 2017 reads, “Mourners: Looking for men and women over the age of 18, all ethnicities, to portray mourners. Especially looking for good character looks and expressive faces. This will be photo selected by the film’s directors! Size restrictions: Men no larger than 44 coat, women dress size 0-8. FOR NEW FACES ONLY! You cannot have worked on this project previously, or be booked on upcoming days. NO EXCEPTIONS!”

It’s unlikely that the mourners are being cast for a flashback or a civilian’s death scene, as it is being said that the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo will take the final pick of the faces themselves. With Thanos (Josh Brolin) all set to unleash infinity stones backed havoc in the upcoming third installment of Avengers, Infinity War, a major death is expected, but who will be the fallen hero remains a guess.

Both, Chris Evan’s (Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr’s (Iron Man) futures in the Marvel Universe seem to be in jeopardy as their contracts expire with Avengers 4. A death will be the most convenient send-off for the larger story arc of Marvel Universe to evolve beyond reluctant and ageing superstars who cannot play these roles endlessly.

Captain America seems to the leading candidate between the two, since Robert Downey Jr is known to have teased an Iron Man 4 movie, but Chris Evans has publicly acknowledged rumours of his exit post-Avengers 4. 

“My contract is up. I have Avengers 3 and 4. We do Avengers 3 now and 4 in the latter part of the year and then after that, that is the end of my contract," said Chris Evans in an interview. With the character of Bucky Barnes (played by actor Sebastian Stan) revealed as a part of Avengers 4, the long-time speculation that the erstwhile Winter Soldier will pick up the mantle from Cap after his death, seems to be coming true.

Avengers 4 is currently shooting at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County, Georgia.

Updated Date: Oct 17, 2017 14:10:55 IST