At Lakme Fashion Week 2019, a secret garden-themed footwear line by Misfit Panda features PV Sindhu as showstopper

Aishwarya Sahasrabudhe

Feb 02, 2019 10:45:31 IST

Off the court, Indian badminton star PV Sindhu is set to make her debut on the Lakme Fashion Week (Summer/Resort) 2019 ramp this Sunday, 3 February. Sindhu is the show stopper for the collection The Secret Garden, presented by footwear brand Misfit Panda.

 At Lakme Fashion Week 2019, a secret garden-themed footwear line by Misfit Panda features PV Sindhu as showstopper

PV Sindhu will make her debut on the runway as the show stopper for Juveca Panda's collection, The Secret Garden. Photo: Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost

Juveca Panda's brand will unveil a line of embroidered applique shoes with a layered 3D effect; the designs recreate the feel of an enchanted garden. Juveca says the creations that are part of The Secret Garden are designed to be "more of a day to night shoe" — rather than just a work wear or a night-out pair. The designs incorporate a reflector sheen which will throw off a spectrum of colours as it catches the lights along the runway. The final result: shoes which 'add that pop to any outfit'.

A drive from Milan to Lake Como in Italy became the inspiration for Juveca's collection — especially the juxtaposition between the natural beauty of the region and the graffiti along the walls. Juveca recounts seeing the beautiful cobblestone streets, rustic buildings with graffiti, and then suddenly going past a stunning garden filled with colourful flowers and vines. Juveca points out, "Graffiti is a man-made form of art and expression based on your experiences, your observations. Nature is just a work of art on its own." Split into two, her collection incorporates these flowers, the foliage and the dramatic scenic setting that moved her, along with the urban influences of the graffiti, all of which come together in the showstopper piece that Sindhu will sport.

Designer Juveca Panda's Misfit Panda will showcase its collection at the Lakme Fashion Week 2019 on 3 February. Photo courtesy Sachin Gokhale

Designer Juveca Panda's Misfit Panda will showcase its collection at the Lakme Fashion Week 2019 on 3 February. Photo: Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost

The idea to blend this theme with a 3D effect came after a 'creative Friday' at Juveca's office when they started laser cutting some motifs, stitched some pieces together and glued them on to shoes to see how they worked. The result was a layered, applique effect on shoes. It is not often that one sees a handmade shoe with a 3D look and feel in India, Juveca points out.

Misfit Panda first showcased a collection in a similar vein at LFW in 2018, when Juveca collaborated with a clothing designer. It was then that she decided to work with this pattern and turn it into the premium line of the brand. What goes into the making of the shoes, she explained is that it combines the handmade with computerised laser-cut motifs, that give a better feel and finish to the 3D effect on the footwear.

Designs which infuse digital technology with couture can be seen widely internationally, however, Juveca explains that while in the clothing space, one can see many interesting things happening, when it comes to footwear, people are a little apprehensive because the shoes have to be technically sound. An uncomfortable shoe can make or break a day, she says: "If I am having blisters or shoe bites, I am going to be really frustrated and annoyed."

PV Sindhu with designer Juveca Panda. Photo courtesy Sachin Gokhale

PV Sindhu with designer Juveca Panda. Photo: Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost

A good pair of shoes is often more than just a snug fit, it is also a pair that is simultaneously comfortable and stylish and blends naturally into one's overall appearance.

Sindhu noted that for every normal day, comfort should accompany style, an outfit should look good without being uncomfortable. (As such, Misfit Panda came into being with the similar idea of creating a selection for people who are always on the go and making sure they are 'comfortable and look amazing' while wearing them.) For her part, the badminton ace also pointed out that when it comes to shoes too, comfort was very important to her, and Misfit Panda's collection promises to be a funky affair that merges ease (of use) with style. "I am excited to walk the ramp," Sindhu added, and "comfort is very important there".

And for Juveca, being into athleisure at the moment, her favourite from the collection is a pair of sneakers with scattered gold-studded floral motifs that have a baby pink sole. It's the only footwear she has been flaunting for the last couple of weeks!

Lakme Fashion Week 2019 that kicked off on 29 January will showcase Misfit Panda's collection on 3 February during the afternoon session.

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