Argentine rock star Cristian ‘Pity’ Alvarez accused of shooting man four times under influence of drugs

FP Staff

Jul 20, 2018 14:56:55 IST

The lead singer with bands Viejas Locas and Intoxicados, Cristian "Pity" Álvarez, has been charged for killing a man in Buenos Aires last week. As reported by the BBC, the Argentine rockstar shot an acquaintance, Cristian Diaz, four times following a dispute. "I killed him because it was either him or me. Any animal would do the same", he told reporters. He justified his actions as self-defense.

Cristian Pity Alvarez. The Associated Press

Cristian Pity Alvarez. The Associated Press

Alvarez allegedly fled the scene and attempted to dispose of the weapon, which was later found in a sewer. He handed himself to the police a few hours later and was taken into custody. His lawyer told judge Martin Yadarola that Alvarez he had a drug problem but the judge ruled that believed the musician knew what he was doing when he committed the crime. He said Alvarez must undergo treatment in a drug addiction program, but he also ordered the singer to remain under arrest for the time being. Authorities later found the musician’s vehicle, a Volkswagen Polo green patent DQP 320, in Buenos Aires neighborhood of Ramos Mejía near Pinar de Rocha.

According to MDZ Online, in the summer of 2010, he swallowed 5 viagras and he was hospitalized for 24 hours. As result, he was diagnosed with necrosis among several other liver issues.

Updated Date: Jul 20, 2018 14:56:55 IST