'Analyse, don't make personal comments': Shah Rukh Khan on film criticism in India

Dibyojyoti Baksi

Apr 14, 2016 13:33:08 IST

Shah Rukh Khan admits that he can’t take criticism in his stride. He is a firm believer that there is nothing called constructive criticism. But when it comes to film criticism, he looks for critical appraisal of the film and not any personal comments of the critics.

“I take critical appraisal well but if a critic writes ‘I fell asleep watching the film’…I don’t like it. You can’t make personal comment on a film. You make comment or the critical appraisal of the film you saw. You can say you didn’t like the film for this, you didn’t like the film for that but you can’t say that you felt like throwing tomato on the screen; that too personal."

Shah Rukh Khan. Image from IBNlive

Shah Rukh Khan. Image from IBNlive.

"You can’t say ‘Oh my God I yawned through out the film’…I don’t want to know what your bad public behavior is, I want to know why you didn’t’ like the film. If you are saying ‘I was scratching’ or ‘I was making noise’, it’s embarrassing behaviour anyway. I don’t take well to that,” said Khan in a group interview, where Firstpost was also present.

Shah Rukh is choosy about who's criticism he reads and it come with a condition. “Yes I read some critics' works, but I read their criticism of other films also,” he said.

Earlier, he had expressed his dismay toward film criticism when most of the critics had panned his most ambitious project RA.One. He had found that some RA.One reviews were silly.

“I am not worthy of the love that I get and I am not worthy of the criticism I get. They are two extremes. I don’t like criticism. I could only take criticisms from my parents and now from my children because I love them a lot. There is nothing like constructive criticism,” said Shah Rukh.

Updated Date: Apr 14, 2016 13:35:29 IST