Amy Schumer quashes rumours she asked to be paid as much as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle

FP Staff

August 26, 2017 14:27:54 IST

Actress-comedienne Amy Schumer has denied claims of her asking Netflix to pay her as much as fellow comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, as per Independent. Variety had earlier reported that Schumer, who had earlier signed an $11 million deal with the streaming giant, went back asking for more money after learning that the other two were being paid $20 million per special. Schumer, however, shut down these rumours in an elaborate (and equally awesome) Instagram post.

The Snatched actress made it very clear that she had asked for more money than what was earlier promised to her, but never did she try to use the pay disparity between her and the other two comedians to get more money.

In fact, she thinks she does not deserve equal pay to Rock and Chapelle as they have been in the game for far longer as opposed to her, who started having sold out shows just a few years ago. She maintains that she did ask for more money than what was discussed earlier. However, she will continue to work day in and day out to keep doing what she does.

These reports do come as a reminder of the pay disparity that exists universally in the entertainment industry. Schumer's response, however, rightly throws light on factors such as talent, experience and reach, which determine the pay structure, but are often overlooked by protesters and activists demanding equal pay.

Updated Date: Aug 26, 2017 14:27 PM