Amar Singh still pouting over break up with Bachchans

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Aug 26, 2013 17:02:04 IST

Recently, ex-Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh along with film producer Boney Kapoor organised a grand birthday bash for Kapoor's wife and actress Sridevi.

Once a common face at award ceremonies, Bollywood events and page 3 parties, Singh hasn't been in the public eye as much ever since his friendship with veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan turned sour in 2010. After Singh's arrest in 2011, the politician became something of a recluse and almost self-exiled. So when he took the initiative to  organise a party for Sridevi, it came as a surprise to many in B-town.

 Amar Singh still pouting over break up with Bachchans

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Turns out that not only is Singh ready to step out, he's also in a chatty mood. In a recent interview to Times Of India, Singh revealed that it was Amitabh Bachchan who snapped ties with him. Clearly still irked by his estrangement from the Bachchans, Singh suggested that the relationship between the Bachchans and him had been revealed to Singh as one of convenience than friendship. "Someone from their family used to say that Amar Singh gets a lot of mileage because of his association with us (Bachchans)," said Singh in the interview. "Amitabh didn't say it; he still has some grace and dignity. If I say anything nasty,it will just spread negativity and that will make me mentally sick. I have learnt a very big lesson in life. Your friends are your friends as long as you serve their need and purpose. It is better to live life with lesser people of lesser stature - be they be a paanwallah from Dadar or a bhelwallah from Chowpatty- but they should love you for what you are and not who you are(position). Anybody's position is so mercurial."

Once considered an unofficial member of the Bachchan family, Singh's fallout with Amitabh Bachchan made headlines in 2010. The crack in their friendship surfaced when Jaya Bachchan refused to resign from Samajwadi Party after Singh was unceremoniously expelled.

When asked how he felt about Bachchan snapping ties with him, Singh said, "If he changes his clothes, style and friends from time to time and remains happy, why should that bother me?"

Read the full interview here.

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