Aksar 2 trailer: Zareen Khan starrer is once again all romp, no substance

FP Staff

Aug 28, 2017 20:44:25 IST

The trailer of Aksar 2, starring Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla and Sreesanth, has released and it is difficult to determine the difference between this upcoming film and Khamoshiyan, Hate Story, Hate Story 2, Hate Stroy 3 and Wajah Tum Ho. Basically, all sex, no substance. In a nutshell, it is about a girl and two men caught in a clichéd mystery. The film also stars Lillete Dubey, and we do not know why.

 Aksar 2 trailer: Zareen Khan starrer is once again all romp, no substance

Still from Aksar 2. YouTube screengrab.

The trailer opens with a love-making scene in a deserted island and immediately shifts to a determined Zareen Khan walking into a room for a job interview.

Gautam Rode, the employer, straight up tells her that one needs to be 'single' to be able to qualify for the job. Khan obviously has no qualms with this condition and tells him that she, indeed, is single.

There is not a speck of suspicion on her face because it is completely normal for someone to land a job on the basis of their relationship status. Rode hires her the next moment. Degree? Work Experience? Lol wut?

In the next frame, Khan is running around in a flowy red dress and Shukla is following her around. Some more love-making. So there's an ostensible love triangle in the film, too. A few shots of a haunting Dubey playing the piano and boom!

Is that Sreesanth the cricketer? Yes, it is and he is probably playing the baddie in the film. The badd-er baddie, we mean. Homicide, a car accident, running sequences, distress calls and some more Vikram Bhatt essentials and they ask you the pertinent question — "Do you see the trap?"

Our answer is — Yes, and there's nothing new about it.

Watch the trap here: 

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