After Sonakshi Sinha-Armaan Malik Twitter spat, Sona Mohapatra fires a fresh salvo

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April 26, 2017 18:43:04 IST

The dust had barely settled on the Sonakshi Sinha-Armaan Malik Twitter feud than yet another salvo has been fired in the Noor actress' direction.

This time, it is musician Sona Mohapatra who has criticised the way Sonakshi carried on the Twitter spat with playback singer Armaan.

Sona Mohapatra called out Sonakshi Sinha on her tweets

Sona Mohapatra called out Sonakshi Sinha on her tweets

For those who may have missed out on the exchange, here's a little catch-up:

News reports had speculated that Sonakshi would be one of the opening acts for pop star Justin Bieber's performance in Mumbai on 10 May 2017, at the DY Patil Stadium.

Musician Kailash Kher had then responded to the reports in an interview where he was specifically asked how he felt about Sonakshi's inclusion in the line-up.

Put simply, Kailash said that real musicians deserved a chance to open for another musician, rather than a Bollywood star who was not actually a singer.

A day later, Armaan Malik tweeted that he supported Kailash Kher's view.

The tweet didn't go down well with Sonakshi, who accused Armaan of being 'insecure' and further said — 'This is definitely not the same tune you were singing when you wanted me to sing for you'

There was just one issue: Sonakshi had mistaken Armaan for his brother Amaal Malik, the music composer.

While Armaan pointed that out gently enough, Sonakshi then went on the backfoot and put up a message clarifying that she was not in fact, performing at the Bieber concert, adding a post-script to the effect that: "I am an actor who also loves music, loves to perform and sing. And if anyone has a problem with that, in the wise words of Bieber himself, they can go 'love' themselves".

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If you want to hear what Sona Mohapatra had to say on the issue, read ahead:

Dear Sonakshi,if you weren't 'performing' at the Bieber concert like you now proclaim, then you could have just said so and not talked about your 'art', your 'dreams' and your rights on the live performance stage. Also insulting a composer and live artist who you claimed literally ran after you to 'collaborate' with them. You actually laughed at them and talked down to them, instead of telling the truth? Gracious! Dear lady, you were condescending to real musicians and singers all through and continue to be with this juvenile 'face saving' post now. Sad," Sona wrote on Twitter.

When Sonakshi blocked Sona on Twitter, the latter put up a screenshot of the message, stating:

Sona Mohapatra later elaborated on her stance in a Facebook post:

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