After Pahlaj Nihalani's exit, CBFC reportedly passes contentious film Umeed with just one cut

FP Staff

August 22, 2017 13:07:54 IST

Pahlaj Nihalani's exit has sparked of numerous controversies with the former chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification accusing the ministry of sacking him, wrongfully. However, Nihalani's exit has also liberalised the committee for a brief period.

As per DNA, Rajat S Mukherjee's controversial political drama Umeed, which contains various graphic scenes, has been passed by the board, with just one cut.

Pahlaj Nihalani and Prasoon Joshi. Images via Facebook

Pahlaj Nihalani and Prasoon Joshi. Images via Facebook

The committee has been walking on eggshells after Nihalani's public exit. As per the directive from authorities, the members have been reportedly told to certify films rather than censoring them until Prasoon Joshi, the new chief, assumes office.

Joshi had earlier reported unwell on his first day to work.

Mukherjee, whose film reportedly throws light on drug testing on children, is one of the recipients of the relaxation being shown by the CBFC currently.

The committee has reportedly passed the film, without snipping out some contentious scenes. The only scene that has been snipped is the one that shows a picture of former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

"We are not allowed to cut anything at the moment for fear of being answerable to the I&B the high command," a source close to the committee told DNA.

This seems like an auspicious time for the Indian film industry to get films with contentious content, passed, after struggling under Nihalani's iron fist.

Updated Date: Aug 22, 2017 13:07 PM