After Harvey Weinstein, Steven Seagal faces sexual harassment allegations from multiple women

FP Staff

Oct,15 2017 13:53:14 IST

Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment row has uncovered the longstanding practice of powerful men using their stature to mistreat women. The latest celebrity to now come under the scanner is Steven Seagal who faces allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women.

Steven Seagal. Image from Twitter/@msnph

Steven Seagal. Image from Twitter/@msnph

Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero, revealed to Newsweek that Seagal invited her over to his house to audition for a leading role in his film.

Upon reaching his Beverly Hills home, he greeted her, clad in just a silk robe. After the audition, Guerrero's manager informed her that Seagal was willing to offer her the main role, demanding that she go back to his home for a private rehearsal. She declined and got a small role in the film instead of the leading one.

While she was on sets, he approached her once again and asked her if she'd want to go to his dressing room with him and she again refused. After the incident, Guerrero says her scene was cut from the film.

Not just Guerrero, actress Jenny McCarthy is also one of his accusers and states that during a casting session, Seagal asked her, “So you were [Playboy’s] Playmate of the Year? Take off your dress.”

This news has surfaced only after the allegations from several women that made the Harvey Weinstein case bigger and murkier. Many reports suggest that several A-list personalities were in the know of the producer's misbehaviour. The Golden Globe-winning actor Colin Firth has admitted that he feels 'shame' for not speaking up after a co-star confided in him about her 'distressing encounter' with Weinsntein, as per The Independent.

His confession comes after Sophie Dix, who starred with him in The Advocate, recently came out in the open about being sexually harassed by Weisntein, when she was 22. Dix says that Firth was very supportive when she had revealed her ordeal to him, but "speaking up is never easy." Firth has said that he"failed to act" and just had sympathy to offer at that time.

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Updated Date: Oct 15, 2017 13:53 PM