Actor Simbu upset his films aren't coming out, complains about Kollywood politics

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By Latha Srinivasan

Simbu started acting at the age of three. He started his career by appearing in his father, actor-producer-singer-director T Rajendar’s film, Uravai Kaatha Kili in 1984. but it was in 1987, with Oru Thayin Sabhatham, that his talent caught the audiences' attention.

Today, he's a lot more than a cute face. Breaking the pattern of child stars who become forgettable as they grow up and grow old, Simbu at 30 is an actor, a singer, a producer and the proud winner of many awards for his acting. He also stands out as one of those actors from the Tamil film industry who calls a spade, a spade.

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Simbu's breakout film as an adult was Gautham Menon's Vinnaithaandi Vaurvaaya, in 2010. Subsequently, news of his album with Akon, Love Anthem, created a buzz because he was the first actor from the south to collaborate with an international music artist on an album.

Yet, for all these accomplishments and distinctions, Simbu hasn't had a release in the last two and a half years. That's a long time in the world of rapid releases and headline appearances.His films Vaalu and Vettai Mannan (with ex-girlfriend Hansika) have been in the making for the last two-and-a-half years. In Vaalu, Simbu plays a comic role. The film is complete and ready for release. Vettai Mannain, in which he plays a North Madras rowdy, is only halfway done.

It's not just his fans who are unhappy about this break. In his own words, Simbu is "really upset" about the gap. Find out why.

Two and a half years and no film release. What’s been happening?

When I signed Vaalu and Vettai Mannan, I knew it would take a while for the films to release. But I didn’t realise that the gap would be so long. But it’s not like I have been sitting at home idle with no work for the last two and a half years – I have completed Vaalu and Idhu Namma Aalu. I’ve shot 50% of Vettai Mannan and just finished one schedule for Gautham Menon’s Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada. Work has been happening continuously – it’s just that there has been no release.

I am really upset that there’s no release, not because I want fame or money but because my fans are showering me with love and affection despite no release and they are getting upset that my films are not coming out. I feel really bad that I am disappointing them. They have stood by me all these years.

So why is Vaalu not releasing?

The producer wants the right release date. Now, there’s so much trouble getting the right release date as there are so many films releasing. Hopefully, it’ll release sometime in the next two months. Vettai Mannan and Vaalu are with the same producer. So once Vaalu releases, I’ll complete Vettai Mannan and release Idhu Namma Aalu too.

Recently you tweeted, “Some people r trying everything against me due to hatred and jealously ....But even if I forgive karma won't, hope they understand that :)”. What did you mean?

Today, there are so many issues going on, like about release dates, etc, in the film industry. I won’t take names but some people want to do their best to take control of certain things.

Earlier also there was no unity in the film industry, but everyone did their work and didn’t get involved in other’s people’s business. Now, everyone is poking their nose into other people’s work instead of doing their own work! They want to bring down other people to be successful. But everyone has their place in the industry.

Do you think marketing a film has become important than its content in Kollywood?

Yes! Today, no one cares about content. They want to spend so much money just marketing the film on TV, Internet, social media, radio, newspapers, etc. The audience also gets taken in unfortunately. They think because the film has so much marketing, it must be good and they go to watch it. But that’s not the case. Films with good content get affected because of this. The audience doesn’t push films with good content and as a result, they don’t do well at the box office. This is a sad situation but the reality.

When my dad’s films used to release, it was purely word-of-mouth publicity that was based on good content. If a film was good, people talked about it and the theatres filled up. Now social media is used instead to push films. And people want to market their films by putting down others. For instance, if my film trailer comes out, there will be stories then saying X’s film’s trailer had more views than mine. What’s the need for comparisons? Do actors have to be compared to determine success?

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