Aamir Khan's trainer Rahul Bhatt denies that the actor used steroids for transformation in Dangal

Devansh Sharma

Dec 10, 2016 16:44:42 IST

Aamir Khan's trainer Rahul Bhatt has rubbished all allegations that Khan has used steroids in achieving the transformation from a 97 Kg man with a huge paunch to a man with six-pack abs.

 Aamir Khans trainer Rahul Bhatt denies that the actor used steroids for transformation in Dangal

Rahul Bhatt

Days after the makers of Khan's next film Dangal released the Fat to Fit video, a certified fitness trainer Ranveer Allahbadia alleged that Khan could not have achieved the enviable physique without the aid of steroids. However, Khan's fitness trainer, who had worked on his transformation, has now denied that the actor used any such supplements during the process.

In a video by Quint, Bhatt deconstructs the video Allahbadia posted on his Facebook page, BeerBiceps, and provides counters to each of Allahbadia's arguments. Bhatt claims that such physique can be achieved organically if the person has worked hard consistently and has taken adequate and certified diet and supplements like protein and multivitamins.

Bhatt also argues that Allahbadia cannot compare Khan to Akshay Kumar as the modus operandi of maintaining their physique is like an apple and an orange. While Kumar resorts to the old school fitness methods, Khan has been into weight training for over 10 years now, that too under the guidance of the best trainers from around the world.

Bhatt points out that Khan is a "genetically advanced" human being and that is why he managed to achieve that physique in a shorter span than most people. Also, he debunked Allahbadia's argument that Khan's deltoid muscles are because of testosterone supplements by saying that most people are unable to achieve those broad and prominent deltoid muscles because they are unaware of the ideal way of doing a lateral raise.

In the end, Bhatt dubs Allahbadia as a 'keyboard commando' or an 'armchair academic' as he is not aware of the ground realities of fitness and health. "He does not even look like he goes to a gym," says Bhatt, completely missing the point Allahbadia was trying to convey through his video - "Do not chase the whole steroid lifestyle and looking good for the external world. If you are gymming, chase fitness and health. Chase becoming the best version of you."

Updated Date: Dec 10, 2016 16:44:42 IST