A Woman’s Besties: AIB offers a non-preachy take on pregnancy scares in latest video

Neerja Deodhar

Mar 01, 2017 15:15:29 IST

There are boring and preachy public service announcement-style contraceptive pill ads, and then there is All India Bakchod’s (AIB) latest video, A Woman’s Besties.

Starring Mallika Dua, Sumukhi Suresh and Kaneez Surka, this video is a hilarious take on the different types of thoughts that every woman has when she has a pregnancy scare. From satirising sanitary pad advertisements to poking fun at how we sext and send nudes, the writers at AIB manage to make a point about safe sex while also making you laugh.

 A Woman’s Besties: AIB offers a non-preachy take on pregnancy scares in latest video

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Dua plays Priya, a girl who is in the process of taking a pregnancy test. What makes the video so relatable is that the rest of the actors actually play different parts of a woman’s body, personifying them and bringing them to life, quite hilariously. Surka is sensuous as Clitika, the clitoris, constantly thinking about “jism ki bhook”. Suresh plays the more sensible and worried Vagayenti, the vagina who yells at Dua for having “bina chhatri ke chak dhoom dhoom”.

The funniest is the pair of twins who play Priya’s breasts — Geeta and Boobita, an obvious play on the names of the Phogat sisters. They actually behave like breasts; when Priya runs, they jiggle and when she takes her bra off, they fall apart! There’s a special appearance by Anus, who promptly responds to the insult, “Arrey Gandu!” with a smile. True to its title, the video has the setting of a typical sleepover, with all characters wearing the same clothes.

AIB’s slapstick sense of humour is apparent in the dialogues and the props they use. Whether it is the character introductions ‘Moistus Maximus’ and ‘Pleasurus Buttonus’, or the “Har piss kuch kehta hai” description on the pregnancy test, the writers create puns out of everything. They also use blue instead of red to show period blood, a not-so-sly jibe at the countless sanitary pad ads that employ the same illogical technique.

There is one part of the video where the sentiment becomes serious and sombre, when all of these ‘besties’ think about what life was like without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. This is followed by Priya’s declaration that she will never have sex again a moment that is too familiar for anyone who has been in this situation. It is at this point when the video gets real and hard-hitting, reminding you about the times when you or one of your friends decided to have sex without protection. It drives home the point that condoms are necessary.

What saves the video from becoming preachy are lines like “Jhagda jhagdi mat karo, Milind Soman ko yaad karo!” That, and Dua’s face when she says, “Fuck it, chalo sex karte hai!”

Watch the video here:

Updated Date: Mar 01, 2017 16:07:37 IST

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