A playlist of Avicii's most memorable tracks, from 'Broken Arrow' to 'Wake Me Up'

Abhinav Jai Singh

Apr 21, 2018 12:25:37 IST

When EDM peaked back in 2013, Avicii's name was inseparable from the genre. Avicii was one of those few EDM artists who could last in the mainstream without the genre still being all the rage.

Even though the Swedish DJ, musician and record producer kept battling through poor health, his discography was constantly growing. Avicii, throughout his short-lived career, worked with artists such as Madonna, Coldplay and even Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Avicii's impact on the genre of modern electronic music was gigantic. He introduced many non-EDM fans to a more accessible, enjoyable and approachable form of electronic music. Avicii made songs that weren't just simple radio hits or a fad.

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As the news of Avicii's passing broke, fans revisited some of his best works from across the years. While the singer scored a number of mainstream and radio hits, he produced a large number of tunes that are now considered some of the best work of the EDM boom. We take a look at some of Avicii's finest tracks to jam to as a tribute to the late DJ.

'Broken Arrow'

'Broken Arrow' is a 2015 track from Avicii's sophomore record Stories. The song was a collaboration between Avicii and the country singer Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. The track combines Brown's vocals with thumping bass and twinkling synth lines. Even though it wasn't a major chart success, 'Broken Arrows' is one of Avicii's most popular songs.

'I Could Be the One'

'I Could Be the One' is easily one of the most well-known electronic music tracks of the past decade. A collaboration between Avicii and Dutch DJ Nicky Romero, 'I Could Be the One' was the first number one track on the U.K. charts for both the music producers. The song featured vocals from Swedish singer Noonie Bao and had a somber yet a lively beat. And the music video for the song is memorable in its own way. 'I Could Be the One' topped the charts in U.K. and Sweden and landed on the top spot of the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

'The Nights'

Most electronic music songs were about living your life to the fullest and throwing all care to the wind without giving any thought to all that troubles you. 'The Nights' is a prime example of one of these songs. The track featured vocals by Nicholas Furlong and was a staple at ever party across the world back in 2014. Taken from Avicii's The Days/Nights EP, the song is an energetic, positive and pumped-up track that defines Avicii's music accurately. 'The Nights' has been certified gold in the United States and platinum in the United Kingdom, becoming one of Avicii's best known hits.


This track is one of Avicii's old school favorites. Before the singer captured the airwaves worldwide, his progressive house music was much more relaxed in tempo and carried a repetitive, exciting beat. 'Silhouettes' was one of Avicii's first hits and reached the top ten in various countries including Belgium, United Kingdom and the United States. It featured vocals from Swedish singer Salem Al Fakir and was certified silver in the United Kingdom.

'The Days'

Featuring the vocals of the legendary English singer Robbie Williams, 'The Days' was a major hit for Avicii. Taken from the The Days/Nights EP, 'The Days' was the last Avicii song to crack the Billboard 100 chart landing on number 78. This song featured background vocals from The Killers front-man Brandon Flowers, and carried a folk rock/soul sound. Avicii's production quality has rarely been as good as it was on 'The Days'.

'Waiting For Love'

Taken from Avicii's second album Stories, 'Waiting For Love' is easily one of the most loved Avicii songs. Featuring vocals from Simon Aldred and co-produced by Martin Garrix, 'Waiting For Love', with its keyboard driven passage and twirly tunes, shot upwards in the charts worldwide. It peaked in the top tens in numerous countries and went on to be certified gold in the United States, platinum in the United Kingdom, and double platinum in Australia.

'Seek Bromance'

Back in 2010, when Avicii still went by him name Tim Berg, 'Seek Bromance' propelled him to new heights of popularity. It was only Avicii's second release, but had a huge impact on popular EDM music. 'Seek Bromance' is a progressive house song with hybrid of dance and you can feel the old school vibes while listening to to. The song went on to become a major chart success with being certified gold, silver or platinum in five countries. It features vocals from English singer Amanda Wilson.


If you were even slightly an EDM fan in the early 2011/2012, you have heard 'Levels'. Considered to be one of the greatest EDM songs of all time, 'Levels' played a huge role in turning EDM into a global sensation. The highly recognizable synth riff in the song was addictive and took over the airwaves around the world. The song was a massive success and turned Avicii into a global superstar. It became a top ten hit in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The song sampled the 1962 gospel-inspired 'Something's Got a Hold on Me' by Etta James, and also spawned many hit remixes and mashups like Skrillex's remix of the track, 'Levels That I Used To Know' (mashed-up with Gotye and Kimbra's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'), and 'Good Levels' (mashed-up with Flo Rida's 'Good Feeling').

'Hey Brother'

One of Avicii's  most commercially successful track, 'Hey Brother' was an instant mainstream hit. It featured vocals from American bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski and was taken from Avicii's first studio album True. The song wasn't a regular party track like most EDM songs, but dealt with themes of companionship, compassion, brotherhood and the importance being positive. 'Hey Brother' is undoubtedly one of Avicii's best tracks and stands the test of time when it comes to the progressive house genre as a whole. It peaked at number 16 on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum or more in multiple countries.

'Wake Me Up'

The song starts with an acoustic guitar tune that became a signature at Avicii's live shows. 'Wake Me Up' is a powerful track that resonated with millions across the globe not only because of its beat, but also for its lyrics and vibes. American soul singer Aloe Blacc sang this song which went on to be Avicii's most successful single. The guitar on the track was provided by rock band Incubus' guitarist Mike Einziger. The song ended up becoming a summer anthem of 2013 and was certified six-times platinum in the United States. It peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 chart and performed exceedingly well world over.

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