10 things that would happen differently if 'Friends' was set in Mumbai

Swetha Ramakrishnan

Sep 22, 2017 08:00:36 IST

Exactly 22 years ago, Rachel Green first walked into a quaint cafe in Manhattan and met her long time high school friend Monica Gellar, while still wearing her wedding dress. Exactly 22 years ago, six friends came together, and formed a bond for life.

Twenty-two years is a long, long time. Feel free to spend the next few minutes calculating how old you were when the pilot aired. Meanwhile, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Friends was one of the first American TV shows (along with Full House and Small Wonder) to completely capture the attention of India's younger generations, and change our TV viewing habits for the next few years.

So on our favorite show's 22nd birthday, we decided to get a little creative. Through the many repeat viewings of the show, we kept wondering how things would be different if Friends was set in Mumbai, as opposed to Manhattan, New York. Amid the many crazy differences we came up with (trust us when we say crazy), we chose 10 things that would change in Friends, if it was set in aamchi Mumbai:

Opening credits at Flora Fountain

 10 things that would happen differently if Friends was set in Mumbai

Because it's important to retain the fountain theme.

Joey's special: Vadapav and cutting chai


Instead of getting two pizzas on a Friday night, if Joey was living in Mumbai, his preferred food option would probably be two vadapavs and cutting chai. Not only because it's the staple diet for any Mumbaikar, but also because this is a standard one-person meal, and as we all know, Joey doesn't share food.

Ross-Monica dance routine would be a Ganpati special


The Ross-Monica routine is one of our favorite episodes from the show. But imagine, if the brother-sister duo were in Mumbai, they would probably spend their Ganpati holidays dancing away in the pandals. Ross and Monica would fit right in with their moves. See for yourself.

Monica, Rachel and Pheobe's photo outside Mannat


Can anybody's inauguration into Mumbai be complete without a selfie outside SRK's Mannat? We can imagine a girl's date where Monica, Rachel and Pheobe went around town visiting all the stars' homes.

Joey never makes it to Monica-Chandler wedding due to traffic


Remember the episode when Joey is stuck shooting an important scene from a film, opposite a very drunk co-star (the lovely Gary Oldman) and manages to reach Monica and Chandler's wedding in the nick of time? Well, if the wedding happened in Mumbai, he would never make it due to the traffic. Hello, Western Express Highway, bye-bye wedding.

Chandler's stand up comedy show gets cancelled due to parking issues


In our imaginary version of Friends, Chandler realises his penchant for comedy and with the booming stand up comedy culture in India, he also decides to perform at an open mike comedy show. However, it gets cancelled due to parking issues.

Joey forgets to call Rakhi Sawant back


It's only inevitable that Joey would date all the aspiring (and otherwise) actresses in Mumbai. However, all hell would break lose when Joey forgets to call Rakhi Sawant back after a date. Oh Jeejus!

The gang goes to watch DDLJ at Maratha mandir


What better movie to watch while in Mumbai other than DDLJ in Maratha Mandir?

Monica and Chandler move to Navi Mumbai


You know, for the same reasons: bigger homes, quieter neighborhood to raise children, not too far away from the city. Plus with soaring rents in the city, how can they afford a special room for Joey?

That's all, folks. Brb while we daydream some more.

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