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Using Aadhaar, PAN to weed out fake resumes: Here's how start-up SecUR Credentials will do it using 10-digit code

A resume is not enough anymore to prove your credentials for a job. Increasingly, employers prefer to get a background verification of the candidates seeking jobs. However, background verification is an often underplayed aspect of employment, relevant only to Human Resource (HR) personnel in charge of talent and acquisition. Some of the most fudged details are education and information pertaining to work experience.

Startup secUR Credentials, launched in August last year, is making it easier for corporate to verify background information by enabling candidates and job seekers to get a 10-digit code that will secure their personal information. Currently bootstrapped, the startup through its 10-digit code provides information such as educational qualifications, permanent address, past employment details, references checks, identity details with the help of PAN Card or Aadhaar, criminal records, database and media searches, and others.

Representational image. Thinkstock

Representational image. Thinkstock

The number acts like a self–attested stamp that candidates use to pre-verify themselves. Employers from all sectors such as retail, IT, sales, support services, finance, cash management, etc. can use the number to authorise candidate profiles. This acts as a filter to sift candidates for initiative and integrity, and saves around 60-100 percent of the employers’ background screening budget, thus giving them more bandwidth to spend on core activities.

The market size for verifying candidates background in India is Rs 350-400 crore and is expected to grow 30-40 percent year-on-year. The market is poised to grow rapidly to billion dollars because the trend is picking up in the country to verify background information of job seekers.

Rahul Belwalkar, CEO, says, “ISecUR Credentials, is a SecUR Number given to candidates which they can include it on their resume enabling prospective employers to access and download the report. Any potential employer, with whom the candidate shares this number, can view the verification report after registering themselves as an employer, for free.” The number, obtained after paying a fee, is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue.

Updated Date: Sep 04, 2017 09:38 AM

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