Understanding Sales Performance Management in the digital era

Today’s digital age motivates improved sales metrics and optimized sales coverage, provided we execute strategies to boost performance so that both target goals are achieved and marketing effectiveness is bolstered.

The Global Head of CX, Oracle, Joe Fuster has an answer to how this can be achieved. He believes the digital wave of transformation has hit businesses with a strong impact so much so that ‘sales’ is now wholly driven by data that further informs our actions. According to Fuster, moments truly matter and define customer experience and that is why the sales market should be obsessed with adding to the customers’ delight.

Oracle Cloud is one such model that helps plan and optimize targets and territory coverage, motivates and rewards talents to drive better sales. Watch the video below to understand the 5 key steps on how you too can leverage Integrated Cloud applications and services to boost your sales effectiveness:

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Updated Date: May 25, 2016 15:31 PM

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