Taxis, three-wheelers and electric rickshaws won't need a commercial licence to ply the roads, says new govt notification

Cab drivers, three-wheeler and two-wheeler motorists will no longer need a commercial driving licence to ply their trade. The government, this week, said drivers can use their personal driving licences to operate taxis and vehicles that move goods. The government diktat comes almost a year after the Supreme Court (SC), in July 2017, ruled that a personal driver’s license is sufficient to operate any light motor vehicle (LMV).

However, drivers operating heavy commercial vehicles, like trucks and buses, will still need to obtain a commercial driving licence.

 Taxis, three-wheelers and electric rickshaws wont need a commercial licence to ply the roads, says new govt notification

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According to The Financial Express, road transport ministry officials believe the move, to do away with commercial licences for taxis, autos and two-wheelers used to deliver food or products to doorsteps, will boost employment opportunities.

“The requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, to obtain the transport licence would arise in case of medium/heavy goods and passenger vehicles only. No other vehicle will require any separate endorsement, even if they are used for commercial purposes,” an advisory from the Road, Transport and Highways Ministry said.

According to The Times of India, until recently, people would wait for a year to obtain a commercial licence, after picking up their personal driving licence.

The apex court in 2017 said there should be no requirement to obtain a separate endorsement to drive a light transport vehicle.

“When a driver is authorised to drive a vehicle, he can drive it irrespective of the fact whether it is used for a private purpose or for purpose of hire or reward or for carrying the goods in the said vehicle. It is what is intended by the provision of the Act, and the Amendment Act 54/1994,” the apex court bench was quoted as saying by The Tribune.

Updated Date: Apr 19, 2018 19:44:34 IST