Super-rich love yachts and jets: 10 interesting facts about billionaires

1. Did you know thatIndia has the sixth largest billionairepopulation in the world, narrowly behind Russia?According to this wealth report by UBS and Wealth-x,India's billionaire population has decreasedby 5.5 percent to 103 and the total billionaire wealthhas fallen by $10 billion to $180 billion in the last one year.

Majority of Indian billionaires arecollege-educated, with 72 percent possessing at least a bachelor's degree.The average net worth of an Indian billionaire is $1.7 billion.

Global facts

1. An average billionaire is incredibly well connected, with a social circle worth $15 billion - five times the net worth of the average billionaire.

If the average billionaire is worth $3billion, and the number of billionaires has risen to 2170 in 2013, then according to the report, the total worth of the billionaire social circle equates toa combined $33 trillion, almost double the national debt of theUnited States.

2. Let's divide this $3 billion even further into cash, liquidity and assets.The Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2013 report shows that since theaverage billionaire is worth $3 billion, his cash components equals to $545 million or 18 percent of his total wealth,while private holdings constitutes the largest 42 percent or $1,270 million, with an average of over a $1 billion in publicly held companies on top of this. Real estate only constitutes 3 percent of the overall wealth while other luxury assets form around 2 percent of the billionaire's wealth.

3. According to the wealth report,total real estate holdings of the world's billionaires are estimated to be $169 billion, or an average of $78 millionper billionaire. The average billionaireowns four homes, with each one worth nearly $20 million.

4. The report also showed thatbillionaire hotspots such as Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong have emerged as favoured destinations for the ultra rich. However, only 36, 34, and 25 percent of their billionaire populations respectively, grew up in these countries.

Conversely, 86 percentof Chinese billionaires and 95 percent of Indian billionaires who currently have their primary business in China and India, respectively, also grew up there.

 Super-rich love yachts and jets: 10 interesting facts about billionaires

Billionaires' biggest luxury holding is yachts, followed by private jets, art

5.Billionaires' biggest luxury holding is yachts, followed by private jets, art, and other categories including antiques, fashion, jewellery, and collectable cars.Total luxury holdings (excluding real estate) of the world's billionaires is estimated to be $126 billion, or an average of $58 million per billionaire.

6. Art is the most popular billionaire passion, followed by aviation, real estate, travel and golf.

7. Globally, all of the four "mega-billionaires",who each have a net worth of more than $50 billion, are self-made individuals. These "mega-billionaires" are Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Amancio Ortega and Warren Buffet.

8. There are huge disparities between male and female billionaires when it comes to the source of wealth. Self-made billionaires dominate at 60 percent of the population but only 17 percent of female billionaires are self-made, with an astounding 71 percent inheriting their wealth.

9. Even thoughone Middle Eastern billionaire has a staggering 24 children,the average billionaire has 2 kids.Fifteen percent of billionaires have four or more children.

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