Readers Verdict: Mr Trivedi, you are our hero

After Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi hiked the passenger fare today in his railways budget speech, the Trinamool Congress said it was opposed to the announcement made by their own minister. However, our readers thought Trivedi did the right thing by increasing the fares. Here's what they had to say:

Krsna2010: Impressive! Finally a man speaks like a man and puts the country first! Way to go! All power to you! Here's to hoping many more like you will emerge and make India what it truly is!


Commonsence: Trivedi is our hero

Subramaniansundarara: Mr. Dinesh Trivedi you have done a wonderful job. we cannot fear and travel in the train. you have really followed your conscience and gave importance to safty. you are really great. I am very happy. money we can earn at any time but safety of life is important.

Ranger98806: Dinesh Trivedi is a real man and a great Indian. And hence a poor politician who will be sent to the gallows by his political masters. But he doesn't care because he has done his duty to the nation. Sir, we, the people of India salute you!!

technofrEEk: a Gem among Thieves!!

Masterkama : Now Dhoni should do a Trivedi and say get rid of this Tendulkar ... it's good for the team.

Indian: Price hike is inevitable. If someone is asking for your head for this, they must be bunch of losers. They are living in unrealistic world and only want populist schemes even if the nation goes down the drain.

Ranjan: Finally, one bright spot.

Chin: thanks. we need more ministers like you who can call spade a spade.

Venkat: Hope ManMohan and Sonia learn from Dinesh Trivedi to have GUTs to do what is required for the GOOD of NATION.

Bhaskar: Trivediji, your political career with TMC could be over, but you would be welcomed both by Congress and BJP and the rest of the country for taking a bold decision. You Did a Great job and you have set a great precedent. In future people may not act against their conscience.

Arpan: salute Dinesh Trivedi

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 07:02 AM

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