Newsroom diaries 2016: The demonetisation drive, and making sense of the 'cash crisis'

Editor's note: This article is part of a series of newsroom diaries by various members of the Firstpost team. These diaries will provide you with the journalist's recollections of a particular bit of news coverage in 2016 in which she/he was deeply involved. Here, Firstpost's financial editor Dinesh Unnikrishnan talks about the challenges of covering the demonetisation drive:

In many ways, the biggest story for business journalists in 2016 was the demonetisation rollout.

Ever since Prime minister Narendra Modi announced the plan on 8 November 2016, it has been a challenge not just for the general public, but also economists and and journalists, who have found it very difficult to keep track of the developments and rules that change on a daily basis.

Personally, I have tried to look at the entire demonetisation issue from the perspective of the common man, how they have been impacted by this abrupt currency ban. Given that 86 percent of the currency in circulation has been pulled out at one go, (this) doesn't have any parallels with what has happened anywhere else in the world.

So this has been a big learning experience for me. Of course, demonetisation is a story that is still unfolding and all of us are curious to know what turn it will take from this point. But if someone asks me what's been the most interesting part of 2016, the answer is nothing but demonetisation.

Updated Date: Dec 31, 2016 19:02:13 IST