Meet the governator: Raghuram Rajan's Twitter alter ego

For most of us unschooled mortals, there's nothing as boring as the Reserve Bank of India. The Bank's statement are peppered with definitions, acronyms and abbreviations that we have no cue about, like 'sub-prime' or 'basis points' and 'ECB' and 'FCCB'.

So there isn't a snowball's hope in hell that people like us would follow the twitter account of Raghuram Rajan, the new (and hopefully, improved) Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

Unless, of course, it isn't him.

Presenting, ladies and gentleman, @Raghu_Ram_Rajan, aka The Governator.

 Meet the governator: Raghuram Rajans Twitter alter ego

The Governator has a sense of humour: Screengrab from Twitter

"RBI Governor. Hottest man in the Delhi-Mumbai bureaucracy corridor. I got the mooooves like Rajan ," is how he describes himself (I'm sure it's a he). In addition, he warns the suspecting public that it's a parody account.

Of course it is. You could tell that in a second if you saw his latest tweet.

"Got hugged by Subbarao before I took over. Must be an emotional moment for him. Now to get his access card deactivated because YOLO!"

Decent sense of humour.

"Thats one hell of a way to welcome me! RT "@ndtv "@NDTVProfit #Rupee recovers sharply against #dollar, rises to 67.58"".

And he understands punctuation. Note the double close quotes. They're required.

And he's a bit of all right - he doesn't count Diggy Raja as a friend.

"According to unconfirmed reports, the objects fired weren't missiles, just Digvijay Singh shooting off some words into the ocean."

He likes football. That's cool.

"To people asking me why I didn't predict the rupee crash, I'm the future RBI Governor, not Paul the Octopus!"

And he likes music. The loud kind. But as a governator, I wish he wouldn't shout like this:


And Bollywood. Hmmm.

"I think my first policy statement should be a Chennai Express review".

So what do we have? A Governator who doesn't make typos, who knows his punctuation, has a sense of humour, likes NH7 kind of music, likes football and Bollywood.

I'm going to follow him. As a diversion till our economy gets back on track.

Hopefully, the Governor (the real one) will deal with that.

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Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 22:56:49 IST